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Calvin Seng Co Pte Ltd pl3

If you want to start making money online, whether it’s through eCommerce or blogging, we cover a wide range of side hustles and money-making opportunities.

Our goal is to find the methods that side hustlers can employ to produce passive income and create long term revenue streams. Subscribe to this podcast if you need motivation to start and expand your side hustle.We’re a group of HUSTLRs dedicated to creating high-quality content to assist other HUSTLRs hustle more effectively.


Since 2012, our group of hustlers has been running our own 100% digital enterprises. Even after the pandemic began, we continued to thrive.We Are Result-Oriented

Our clients often stay with us because they see results, not because they’re locked into a retainer.

We’re lightning quick.We have a flat hierarchy, unlike large traditional agencies.

That implies our workflows are flexible and we aren’t shackled by cumbersome procedures.


For the past five years, I’ve been running internet enterprises, and I founded HUSTLR with the goal of assisting good people and businesses in navigating the digital economy

There has never been a time in human history when we have been so empowered to conduct commerce on the internet.

We wish to assist you in achieving digital dominance so you can avoid wasting time experimenting and making costly mistakes and instead focus on the vital things.

My goals include equipping myself with a diverse set of talents, meeting and working with the world’s best people, challenging myself to find longterm answers to challenges, automating every single repetitious chore, and ultimately assisting the world in achieving goodness while making a profit.

Our Services Web Design & Development

We believe that having a great user experience on your website is the first step in digital excellence.

Which is why we go the extra mile to develop bespoke web experiences for every single client.

eCommerce Website Development From start-up companies to established brands, we take care of everything to get your business up and running online with an optimised storefront.

Corporate Website Development We live in an increasingly digital world. An optimized, discoverable corporate website is a must have foundation for a digitally performant business. Let us help you get there. Landing Page Development Develop high converting landing pages to squeeze maximum value out of your lead generation and conversion marketing campaigns. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website on the internet

With appropriate Search Engine Optimization, you can attract high-intent organic visitors to your organisation. You can rely on us to create a solid SEO strategy that generates leads indefinitely without you having to do anything.

Analysis of Competitors

Before making a decision, learn more about your industry’s competitive landscape.

  • Our data-driven competition analysis assists you in identifying low-hanging fruit so that you can concentrate your efforts on the most important aspects of your business.

  • We believe that the quality of our work speaks for itself.

  • We don’t think of our customers as customers.

  • We aspire to be the business partner you’ve always wanted.

Social Media

We live, breathe and eat social media. Leverage on our patent pending media buying strategy that delivers unprecedented return on ad spend with advanced behavioral targeting.

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