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I3 Precision

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About Company

I3 Precision is a medical technology company that evolved from a joint collaboration between I3 Precision founders and Advanced Digital Science Centre in 2011. The initiative came about when the I3 Precision founders realise that there is strong market demand for products that will improve safety and traceability in medication management.

While many healthcare providers have spent millions on technologies such as barcode and RFID, serious safety and productivity gaps in the processes still prevail. Recognising the situation, I3 Precision aims to use its flagship brand – MedSafe to enable safe medication management from hospitals-to-homes. MedSafe is a patented technology that has been developed to minimize medication errors at different stages of the pharmacy process and medication regime. It uses advanced imaging algorithms to generate, verify and identify medications during the preparation, dispensing and administration.


1. Convenient:

  • Readily deployable for various pharmacy processes

  • Products are designed to be user-friendly

  • Medication images are regularly updated and easily accessible from the cloud repository

2. Reliable:

  • Multiple verifications are performed before release

  • Medication parameters like color, shape and size are automatically computed

  • Medication images are standardized

3. Integrative:

  • Available as a full-fledged solution or individual modules

  • Integratable into other existing legacy systems or current pharmacy processes

  • Products enable medication safety from hospital to home


Convenience, reliability and integrative solutions are the key hallmarks of I3 Precision’s products, designed for healthcare professionals and home patients. All products are preloaded with MedSafe’s advanced imaging algorithms. The products can be seamlessly integrated into legacy or new hospital information systems. The MedSafe suite of products is classified in the following categories – Systems, Contents and Mobile.

A. Systems: The Systems offering consists of products that allow healthcare professionals register, verify and recognise medication images in a few simple steps. Products include MedSafe Registration, MedSafe Tabletop, MedSafe Cart and MedSafe Return.

B. Contents: The Contents offering is a SaaS subscription based repository management system. This system aggregates digitalized medication images. Depending on the usage, these digitalized images can be subscribed for visual reference or vision inspection. This subscription also publishes the latest medication images, regulatory updates and generates timely alerts to subscribers.

C. Mobile: The Mobile is a software application that can be installed on smartphones. The application is able to verify medication accuracy and provide timely reminders for patients to consume their medications when needed.

MedSafe Registration: MedSafe Registration is a system that generates digitalized medication images both consistently and rapidly.

MedSafe TableTop: MedSafe TableTop is a system that identifies various types of medications in different forms and factors.

MedSafe Cart: MedSafe Cart is a compact system specially designed to fit on medication carts or trolleys commonly used in the in-patient wards.

MedSafe Return: MedSafe Return is a modular system that verifies if the medications returned from the in-patient wards are reusable.

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