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Icetana Motion Intelligence

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Introduction of icetana

icetana Limited (ASX: ICE) is a global software firm that develops video analytics solutions for large-scale surveillance networks that automatically detect unusual events in real-time. Our software works with the video management systems and IP cameras that our customers already have.

The icetana system learns and filters away normal motion, presenting only abnormal or unexpected behaviour, allowing operators to focus on events that matter and respond in real-time to both precursor activity and incidents, using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques. icetana has a wide range of applications in a rising number of industries.

About the Products

icetana Motion IntelligenceTM is an AI-powered video analytics surveillance solution that detects unusual activities in real time.

Whether monitoring dozens or hundreds of cameras, our scalable video anomaly detection system directs your operators’ attention to the most critical or odd events occurring in your facilities at any given time. With just one powerful tool, your staff may discover potential security concerns, health and safety breaches, Human Resources issues, business operations obstacles or opportunities, and deliver business insights.

You can reduce video overload by 99 percent using our industry-leading artificial intelligence solution. This is accomplished while maintaining 100 percent real-time proactive monitoring, which can give your employees insights into spotting incident antecedents. Our solution is ready to complement your VMS and convert your cameras into the most important tool in your organisation, thanks to our complete Milestone and Genetec interfaces.

Key differentiators

  • Identifies precursor events, allowing for timely intervention before situations escalate.

  • Scales to suit size of video surveillance operation

  • Detects abnormal precursor events and a wide range of incidents in real-time

  • Able to work with a wide range of cameras and servers

  • Learns and adapts automatically using patented technology – no rules to setup or maintain

  • Includes LiveWall™ – shows only events that need further investigation (1% of total video), reducing operator fatigue and missed events

  • Rapidly review historical video – 24 hours in 30 minutes

  • Reporting system allows tagging of anomalies and easy extraction of reports

  • Supports a wide range of fixed view cameras

  • Easy integration with existing Milestone, Genetec or other video management systems

  • Minimises server costs – supports up to 300 cameras per 1 RU server (density depends on camera resolution and frame rate)


Icetana’s rapid identification of actionable anomalies helps you see what matters. icetana users enjoy these key benefits:

Loss Prevention : Reduce theft, stock shrinkage and property damage

Streamlining Security : Maximise benefits from your security investment. Empower your security personnel.

Enhancing OH & S : : Identify near misses and hazardous behaviours before an accident occurs.

Optimizing Compliance : Get early visibility of process breaches.

Improving Productivity : Remove production bottlenecks and inefficiencies.


  • Infinite Scale : icetana scales easily to thousands of cameras, even in distributed environments, giving you better insights across your entire business.

  • Easy Integration : icetana’s API enables seamless integration with other key technologies in your system. Triggering other technologies when anomalous events occur, unlocking enormous scale in your existing infrastructure.

  • Real-Time Action : Get full visibility of incidents with icetana’s real-time incident display.

  • Actionable Reports : Reporting allows your team to tag events and run reports to give insights into your security environment.

  • Live Wall : LiveWall displays potentially actionable events in real time to let your team focus attention on what is important.

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