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Idology, Inc. Provides Real-Time Technology Solutions

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About the company

In the field of digital identity verification and authentication, IDology is the industry leader. IDology has been providing unique identification solutions and fraud protection tools for enterprises operating in the digital space since 2003. The real-time consortium network of the IDology platform monitors and stops fraudulent behaviour while also increasing revenue, lowering costs, and meeting compliance laws for businesses in a variety of industries.

Identify verification has become a must-have for any business today, especially as the number of identity thefts and frauds has risen dramatically. Identity verification is also an important anti-fraud safeguard. IDology is the place to go if you’re seeking for real-time and on-demand identity verification and fraud protection solutions.

IDology, which was founded in 2003, takes a solution-oriented approach to identity verification and fraud prevention. IDology provides a wide range of services, including monitoring, fraud prevention, income generation, cost reduction, and compliance. When it comes to providing efficient operations, the organisation is unrivalled. It finally aids in the acquisition of new customers and the enhancement of the entire customer experience.

Innovation at IDology

IDology is a business-to-business identity verification and age verification company situated in Atlanta, Georgia. In order to detect and prevent fraud, the IDology platform goes much beyond conventional identity verification. IDology’s products are all built with client security in mind. Its core staff has worked in a variety of technology organisations as well as other industries such as security, telecommunications, finance, and retail.

ExpectID, the company’s exclusive solution, has been released by the core team. ExpectID is a patent-pending technology that gives quick and accurate real-time findings. John enthusiastically states, “ExpectID Global signifies the international extension of our identity verification and fraud protection software.” ExpectID Age is the industry leader in electronic age verification technology and has been endorsed as a premium solution by Wine America and the Specialty Wine Retailers Association.

IDology is now used by some of the world’s most well-known brands to undertake seamless identity and age verification of its clients. ExpectID Email, for example, aids in the prevention of further fraud by providing enhanced fraud tools and predictive analytics that check the legitimacy of an email in real time. ExpectID Scan and Verify are also used to support manual document review processes.

He continues, “IDology has designed an on-demand technology platform that allows users to control the entire proofing process and provides the freedom to make configuration changes that are distributed automatically.” “Customers can remain ahead of the fraud environment while maintaining compliance without having to rely on internal IT staff or IDology’s customer service.”

  • The IDology Difference

  • Rules-Based Technology You Control

  • Easy Implementation

  • Flexible Configuration

  • Amazing Customer Service

  • Collaborative Fraud Network

IDology Impact

“IDology is a customer-driven company, and we earn our success every day by assisting our customers in expanding their businesses,” adds the CEO. IDology provides subject expertise and help to its customers with the purpose of providing creative solutions and developing strong personal relationships. It approaches all it does with an entrepreneurial mindset. Most importantly, the company structure allows anybody, regardless of their function or level of experience, to carry out a brilliant concept.

The wonderful thing about IDology is that its success and industry reputation speak for themselves. The company’s founding stones contain the idea of being a customer-centric organisation, which is carried out throughout the business processes. Intriguingly, IDology is seen as both an innovator and a collaborator in the business, having brought together thinking leaders to combat the growing fraud scenario.

IDology is not only a customer-centric company, but it also incorporates philanthropy into its basic business model. This includes putting Ideology’s people, technology, and resources to work to enhance communities locally and globally. “Our goal is to foster a caring culture and assist our employees in giving back in meaningful ways,” John says.

IDology has been named one of Atlanta’s Best & Brightest Companies to Work For every year since 2014, including 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017. In today’s economic climate, the award recognises organisations that have clearly demonstrated exceptional human resource practises and represent high standards.

About The CEO

Since 2005, John Dancu has been the President and CEO of IDology. IDology has evolved into a prominent provider of identity verification and fraud prevention solutions in the financial services, merchant processing, payments, retail, healthcare, and other areas over this time. IDology is known for its cutting-edge innovation in the identity arena, and it provides unrivalled service and domain expertise to its customers, which include a number of Fortune 500 businesses, under John’s leadership. John is a serial entrepreneur who has led companies such as Synchrologic (mobile enterprise infrastructure software), NetZip, and others (consumer compression and downloading technology).

Source : IDology

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