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Imagene Labs

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Imagene Labs – Provides An Enterprise-Grade, Cloud-Based,Business-2-Business Genetic Analytics Platform That Offers Unparalleled Accuracy In Human Wellness Genetics Assessment

Imagene Labs provides an enterprise-grade, cloud-based, business-2-business genetic analytics platform that offers unparalleled accuracy in human wellness genetics assessment. Their plataform enables healthcare services and wellness brands to create bespoke products and services personalized according to their customers’ DNA insights. Their patented ancestry-based genetic risk scoring system offers improved accuracy in human genetics assessment. They work with healthcare services, nutrition, beauty, and fitness brands in the Asia Pacific, Europe, and the United States. Headquartered in Singapore where they were founded in 2016, Imagene Labs is the winner of the 2017 Frost & Sullivan SEA Personalized Wellness & Nutritional Genomics Entrepreneurial Company of the Year, and the 2018 Singapore Business Review National Business Awards.

They offer a bioinformatics analysis service covering diverse traits in healthy aging and longevity, allergies, fitness and sports performance, skin health, nutrition and diet, children’s talent and health, and personality. Their software platform is compliant with the USA and European regulations. Their partners include some of the largest fitness, beauty, nutrition, and healthcare brands in the world.

They make their reports as actionable as possible. Each report includes recommendations about your exercise, supplements, diet, and lifestyle. Ultimately, to make this an end-to-end experience, they offer custom supplements and skincare based on your fitness, nutrition, skin, and, in some cases, your healthy aging and longevity.

Why Imagene Labs?

  • They place your wellness, privacy, and satisfaction at the center of everything they do.
  • They create thoughtful products that work well with every use.
  • They are committed to the highest standards of conduct and safety in product creation.
  • They strive to make the science of genetics simple and accessible to all.
  • They hold themselves accountable to the concrete facts of science, not trends, gimmicks, or pseudoscience.

Their testing facility in Singapore is licensed by the Ministry of Health Singapore (MOH), and accredited by the College of American Pathologists. These accreditations require adherence to global standard best practices in a sample, reagent, data, and general laboratory management; and come with a guarantee of the highest quality data for our customers.

They offer a full suite of enterprise solutions to companies who want to adopt personalization based on genetics – proprietary bioinformatics, DNA test reports with easily actionable recommendations, personalized nutritional supplements and skincare, as well as product formulation services.


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