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About the company

ImprimisRx is a pharmaceutical firm dedicated to providing physicians and patients with high-quality, innovative medicines at a reasonable cost. We’re breaking new ground in the pharmaceutical industry by utilising compounding pharmacies for the formulation and distribution of high-quality formulations based on physicians’ and patients’ clinical experience.

We provide compounded ophthalmic formulations that are unique to us. All of our cutting-edge medicine formulations are based on physicians’ and pharmacists’ clinical experience. We are committed to people and feel that our unique business strategy allows us to meet unmet patient needs while providing physicians and patients with high-quality, cost-effective medical solutions.

Quality and innovation with a low barrier to entry.

ImprimisRx is a pharmaceutical company that is pioneering a new commercial road by utilising compounding pharmacies for the formulation and distribution of high-quality, proprietary compounded formulations. We are patient-centered, and we achieve this by collaborating with healthcare professionals and pharmacy benefit managers to guarantee that your patients receive high-quality pharmaceuticals at reasonable pricing.

Our Commitment

Customer relationships, the highest quality standards, accessible innovation, and meeting unmet requirements in the markets we serve are all priorities for us. We’re delivering on the promise of our unique strategy, and we’re excited to continue serving our customers’ requirements with further novel medication therapies throughout our whole portfolio, and so build our business. Our objective is that through growing our business, we will be able to lower healthcare expenses while also providing physicians and patients with high-quality, new, and previously unavailable medicines.

Our Area of Influence

ImprimisRx contributes to both local and foreign missions, as well as destitute programmes for patients in need, by extending our mission here and around the world alongside U.S. ophthalmologists.

Our Approach

Our approach takes into account three core aspects that address the needs in the market.

1. Providing high-quality formulations

ImprimisRx pharmacies are committed to delivering high-quality formulations from our patient specific 503A pharmacy and our FDA-Registered Outsourcing Facility.

2. Solving unmet needs through innovation

The healthcare industry is experiencing price increases and shortages for imperative treatments that are in demand. We strive to solve these challenges through innovative compounded alternatives, and those inaccessible due to drug shortages.

Compounded Choice provides the opportunity to obtain high quality medications for your patients that are in high demand, but may have been previously unavailable.

3. Making medications accessible and affordable

We work with physicians and patients to provide access to alternative compounded medicines at affordable prices.

ImprimisRx Product Information

ImprimisRx specializes in compounding customized medications to meet unique patient needs. As with all compounded medications, dosages may be customized to meet the individual needs of a patient. Only a prescribing physician may determine the appropriate use for their patient for an ImprimisRx compounded medication.

  • Compounded medications, made for the specific needs of a patient, are by their nature, not reviewed nor approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”).

  • All ImprimisRx facilities, where our compounded medications are produced, are inspected by FDA.

  • All active pharmaceutical ingredients contained in ImprimisRx’s compounded medications are obtained from FDA-registered entities.

  • When applicable, ImprimisRx compounded medications include components of FDA-approved drugs, as required under federal law.

  • ImprimisRx compounded medications may be ordered by a prescribing physician only when there is not a sufficient commercially available drug to meet a patient’s clinical need. Prescribing physicians may contact ImprimisRx’s pharmacists to discuss whether one of our compounded medications may be suitable for the clinical needs of a patient.

  • Regardless of a patient’s ability to afford an FDA-approved commercially available medication, FDA guidance prohibits ImprimisRx’s from copying any commercially available FDA-approved product.

  • ImprimisRx’s formulations are intended for professional use only.

Source : ImprimisRx

Details of the company:

  • Year of Founding: 2012

  • Funding Information: Privately held

  • Founding Members: Mark L. Baum – CEO

  • Office Locations: San Diego, California

  • Company Strength: 51 to 200 Employees

Website : ImprimisRx

Story By : Swiftnlift Business Magazine

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