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Innovative Space Technologies

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About the company

Subject matter specialists at Innovative Space Technologies, LLC focus on bringing tomorrow’s answers to today’s problems. It is a Florida-based research and development firm that provides resources for technological development and commercialization. In addition, IST has built various multi-year collaboration arrangements that provide research and development opportunities while increasing economic growth for the neighborhood. The IST research personnel are drawn from extensive resources, as needed, such as faculty and students from the surrounding communities and around the United States.

By providing resources for technology development and commercialization, Innovative Space Technologies, LLC delivers subject matter specialists who focus on bringing tomorrow’s answers to today’s difficulties.

Their technologists are regarded as industry experts in tackling the most difficult technological and engineering problems. They provide technological development and commercialization resources to businesses such as aerospace, defence, energy, and emerging technology markets.

What We Do?

1. Divisions

  • Applied Research and Development : Highly applied research and development into new technology and market gaps

  • Subject Matter Expert Professional Services : Vast network of SME’s to embed into government and commercial projects, with quick turn availability.

  • Technology Commercialization : Transition both basic and applied R&D efforts to mature technology offerings for commercial adoption.

2. Space Research

  • Developments in new alloy materials to improve weight reduction while providing improved space radiation shielding

  • Modeling & simulation used to reduce research risk in galactic cosmic radiation and magnetospheric environments.

  • University resources with demonstrated performance utilized as collaboration partners.

  • Advances in Adaptive control theory with novel fiber sensing systems (FOSS)

  • New Modeling &Simulation developments in electromagnetic cavities (payload fairing), lightning propagation (i.e., EMP), and Ionospheric modeling

  • Resources included NASA and DoD high-performance computing clusters

  • New graphite composites modeled as equivalent impedances (Nicholson, Weir, Ross Techniques)

  • Magnetic characterization of materials to determine and reduce the size of satellite architecture

3. Program and Risk Management

  • Adaptation and implementation of NASA risk model

  • Risk oriented decision making based on modeling and simulation, past performance, and new experimental text results

  • Information and risk prioritized to meet mission requirements

  • Plan for success path in proactive, informed posture as opposed to reactive

4. Modelling & Stimulation

  • Develop an understanding of space system in-ground, launch, and mission environments with validated techniques and incremental complexity

  • First-principles implemented with requisite geometry, meshing, governing equations, boundary conditions, execution, and post-processing

  • New algorithms and methods grounded in a scaled experimental scenario (e.g., laboratory, field, and flight opportunities)

  • Feature extraction,

  • Feature selection,

  • Model development (i.e., choosing particular classification algorithms), and

  • Performance evaluation

  • New virtual reality integration for an immersive experience in modeling and simulation environment

About the Founder

Michael A. Judith

Has over 35 years of experience in the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds. Launching enterprises in power production, commercial building construction, and actively working at the executive level with various technology businesses have all been entrepreneurial undertakings. With considerable expertise handling Government contracts for small business, intellectual property, and process manufacturing, she specialises in the commercialization elements of lab-based discoveries to practical, scalable solutions. Serves on the National Small Business Associations’ Board of Trustees. Also, Served in the US Naval Reserves for 14 years as an officer with a background in steam systems and nuclear engineering.

Details of the company:

  • Year of Founding : 2014

  • Funding Information : Privately held

  • Founding Members : Michael Judith

  • Office Locations : Florida, United States

  • Company Strength : 11-50 Employees

Website :

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