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What is InsightzClub?

InsightzClub is a marketing start-up that provides a platform as a service to assist various businesses in uncovering important insights from data to achieve better decision-making, marketing, and results. By combining and analyzing data from many sources, including behavioral and passive data, the InsightzClub platform provides highly tailored insights. For marketing and brand creation, InsightzClub uses its customized dashboard to give data. Telstra and other credible investors sponsored a start-up launched in early 2017. The creators developed it in response to industry pain problems. The leadership team has held positions of leadership in firms such as Nielsen, Kantar, and the Lazada Group.

Their iCHECK Digital Campaigns: Test, Optimize, and Measure Brand Uplift

The iCHECK feature has the following characteristics:

1) There are a variety of digital assets to choose from as a beginning point.

2) Live AB testing, which entails identifying top-performing assets to maximize ROI.

3) Brand lift measurement, which entails a real-time evaluation of live assets and optimization.

4) Targeted consumers can be re-targeted by gaining access to their unique consumer profile.

Their findings on streaming and lossless audio

Consumer preferences for lossless audio playing and music streaming have been shown in a southeast Asian study conducted by InsightzClub. Lossless streaming at competitive costs might be very beneficial for music streaming providers in the Southeast Asian market, allowing them to retain existing subscribers and recruit consumers from competing platforms.

Although earlier data implies that better audio quality is a significant reason for switching services, the data does not support this theory. The most powerful inducement was improved subscription cost (69 percent), followed by improved audio quality (61 percent). Consumers, on the other hand, may still be willing to pay for lossless audio streaming. When asked if they would be prepared to pay a higher cost, 77 percent said they were somewhat or strongly interested. It might be used to demonstrate that current Spotify customers will be able to upgrade to the new Spotify HiFi tier. This applies to other platforms that may feature lossless audio playback in the future.

Their Passive Embedded Tech Insights Tool

On its app, InsightzClub has launched a passive embedded technology-based consumer insights solution, which collects data based on real user behavior rather than claims or surveys.

Its app collects geolocation, technographic, ‘topographic,’ and other forms of data, and its passive embedding technology uses user behavioral signals, along with picture recognition and textual analytics, to provide metrics for brand journey and ad performance.

Mritunjay Kumar, Co-Founder and CEO

He is a professional having a track record of working in Consumer Insights in Asia Pacific countries. At a senior leadership level, he worked for multinational brands such as Nielsen, Millward Brown, TNS, and Kantar. He is an expert in business development, client management, and managing and leading large-scale business operations and teams.

He founded InsightzClub, a digital marketing research firm that provides real-time customer insights based on behavioral and passive data. Since its start in 2017, the company has grown 4X year on year, driving sales and organizational expansion. The company helps you build a 12-person team from the ground up to serve more than 50 customers across categories and geographies in the Asia Pacific.

He is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with a concentration on Project Management from the University of California, Irvine, and a black belt in business process improvement. He is also a science graduate with a master’s degree in statistics from one of India’s best universities.

  • Industry : Market Research

  • Company size : 11-50 employees

  • Headquarters : Singapore , Singapore

  • Type : Privately Held

  • Founded : 2017

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