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Insurance Market Group

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Insurance Market Group is an insurance platform that easily guides you through the jungle of choices in finding, comparing and buying policies that best fit your personal needs and circumstances.

We get you covered in minutes, against – guaranteed – the best price possible. Simple. Quick. Carefree. Thanks to a passionate and experienced team of professionals, intelligent algorithms and automated suggestions.

We’re always here for you. We never close. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at your service. With real people answering the phone or chat (from 10 am to 10 pm). Right now, right here in our hometown Singapore.

At Insurance Market, our culture and our actions are guided by the following principles:

  • We always act in your best interests: All our resources and services are totally committed to understanding and defending your individual needs. Our recommendations and solutions will always be driven by what is in your best interests. We are a licensed insurance broker regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

  • We use plain and simple language: We will always describe the service and value you receive in plain and simple language.

  • We will listen before we act: Our partnership with you will be typified by clear, complete and candid communication.

  • We love your feedback: We encourage you to give us feedback on the quality of its services. You can comment, critique and suggest areas for improvement. Help us to get better and keep it coming!

  • We shoot straight and are not led by self-interest: We will never accept volume based remuneration from insurance companies or any other form of remuneration that might create a conflict of interest with our obligations and promises to you

Our Vision on Insurance

Whatever you do, whoever you are, we all need insurances. Some are mandatory, others we buy because we want to protect what we value.

As brokers, it is our role to come to you with personalised recommendations, based on our in-depth knowledge and broad access to the market for insurances, finding good cover against a fair price.

Insurances can be very technical and customers are easily disadvantaged by a lack of knowledge and information. Our platform aims to make a contribution to creating a better and fairer world where insurances are always clear, transparent, fairly priced and properly advised and sold.


We Are Here To Help

  • From time to time you need to make claims under your insurance policies. Don’t worry, that is what insurances are for.

  • In Singapore, every insurance company has their own claim process. Luckily, most companies have an online submission system, but a few still have the more traditional approach of paper forms that need to be printed, completed and submitted.

  • Whatever the method, below you will find the direct links to all the Claims Pages of the insurers that we deal with, grouped by policy type. Just click the link and follow the instructions.

  • Given that most claim processes are online, it is most practical for you to claim directly from the insurance company without our involvement.

  • If your claim is complex or large however or if you could do with a word of advice before you submit or need help, then just give us a quick call or contact us through our chat function (on the right bottom hand of every page on our site) and conveniently mobilise the free support of our experienced professionals.

  • We are always keen to hear about your claim experiences, so if you have a particularly good or bad experience, do let us know about it so we can help you and others going forward.

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