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About the company

Integrasys is a privately held firm that specialises in satellite spectrum monitoring systems for the telecommunications and media industries.

The marquess of Antella and a group of Hewlett-Packard engineers with expertise in Automated RF & Microwaves Test Systems and Software created Integrasys in 1990. Since then, Integrasys has grown into the firm it is today, providing a wide range of signal monitoring tools, VSAT Deployment and Maintenance, and Link Budget solutions for various telecom and satellite services, all while providing the highest level of customer support.

Our objective at Integrasys is to provide the industry with the highest quality and most advanced technology in carrier monitoring systems, as well as the customer support and attention that our customers deserve.

By inventing, we hope to bring value to our customers in terms of service quality, technology, speed, and cost effectiveness; as a result, the satellite industry recognised Integrasys as the leader in satellite signal carrier monitoring systems innovation.

Why Integrasys?

  • +30 years of experience in the field.

  • Combines satellite RF and IT engineering knowledge with emerging AI, Data Science, and Learning Machine advancements to ensure continuous innovation and success.

  • The largest and best partners in the satellite communications sector.

  • From Alaska to New Zealand, we have a global presence

  • Guaranteed excellent after-sale assistance and warranty packages.

  • Smarter satellite operators and service providers need smarter, easier-to-use, and more cost-effective solutions.

  • Make sure you’re buying from a dependable vendor!

Services at Integrasys

1.Installation : Integrasys products are extremely easy to install thanks to 4 steps Configuration tool. Nevertheless, Integrasys offers a non-intrusive installation minimizing the time at your premises in one day.

2.GVF Installer Training : GVF installer Satmotion Pocket Certification Program, GVF514 is Now Available and it allows installers worldwide to be certified as qualified installer using Satmotion Pocket.

3.Support : Integrasys provides email and telephonic support to their customers as well as remote system management or Onsite visits for urgent support. Integrasys provides free product Updates to supported customers.

4.Warranty : Integrasys provides 24 hours replacement if any of its servers are damaged or corrupted. This Service allows our customers to ensure right operations at all times.

5.Upgrades : Integrasys allows our customer to pay as they grow with an extremely non-intrusive upgrade. Integrasys takes 10 minutes to upgrade any of its system remotely.

6.Training : Integrasys provides Onsite training or remote training allowing the trainees to interact during the training sessions. Integrasys certifies the trainees for Carrier Monitoring Systems operators.

Research & Development

Internal R&D initiatives are used by Integrasys to continuously improve the quality of its products and maintain the high level of innovation required to compete in today’s telecom and aerospace sectors.

Integrasys also collaborates with prominent telecom operators and industries on worldwide and national R&D programmes. The company has been a participant in the European Commission’s Framework Programmes in the domain of Information Society Technologies/Information and Communication Technologies for over 20 years. Integrasys has been involved in European Space Agency initiatives through the ARTES TELECOM programme since 2004.

Details of the company:

  • Year of Founding : 1990

  • Funding Information : Privately held

  • Founding Members :Alvaro Sanchez – CEO

  • Office Locations : Madrid, Spain

  • Company Strength : 10

Website :

Story By : Swiftnlift Business Magazine

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