10 Architecture & Interior Design Companies in Hong Kong 2022-profiles

Integrated Design Limited

10.Shweta Biswas - Managing Director - Integrated Design Limited - Top 10 Architecture _ Interior Design Companies in Hong Kong 2022

Integrated design is a comprehensive holistic approach to design that brings together specialisms usually considered separately. The aim of integrated building design is often to produce sustainable architecture. Design of both a product (or family of products) and the assembly system that will produce it.

The company name Integrated Design Limited provides digital design and construction services for large-scale projects worldwide. They specialize in implementing BIM and cloud collaboration platforms to produce models and drawings fit for on-site installation. They build better buildings through Building Information Management, BIM.

Integrated Design increases the value of design for owners, developers, contractors, and governments. Based in Hong Kong, Integrated Design provides design and construction management services at any project stage. We work intimately with businesses, project teams, and individuals using the latest technology and best practices to deliver projects worldwide on schedule reducing risk and cost.

Their BIM Related Services:

  • BIM Management, Modelling, and Coordination
  1. BIM Resources include on-site and off-site staff.
  2. BIM Managers, BIM Coordinators, BIM Modelers, and Visualizers
  3. BIM Requirements, BIM Specifications, BIM Execution Plans
  4. Concept, Detailed Design, and Construction Document Drawing Sets
  5. Organizational and Project BIM Training
  6. 2D to 3D BIM Conversions
  7. Common Data Environment (CDE) Implementation and Administration
  • Virtual Design and Construction Support
  1. Clash Avoidance, Clash Analysis, and Reporting
  2. 4D Construction Sequences, Animations, and Method Statements
  3. Building Service (MEP) Routing Optimization and Coordination
  4. Laser Scanning and Drone Photography
  5. Laser Scan Point-Cloud to BIM Conversions (Scan to BIM)
  6. Forensic Delay Analysis and Construction Claim Support Services
  7. Installation and Shop Drawing Production for Multiple Disciplines.
  8. CSDs, ISDs, CBWDs, ABWFs
  • Construction Industrialization Services
  1. Modular Integrated Construction (MiC)
  2. Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DfMA)
  • Visualization Services
  1. Renderings and Animations
  2. Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality

They work closely with clientele and project teams to achieve the best digital results for your project. They pair discipline-specific modelers, coordinators, engineers, and managers on a project basis. They leverage remote working software and processes to connect project teams and peers regardless of geographic location. This means you can have modelers off-site and coordinators on-site to facilitate the project information and workload.

Website- https://idlbim.com/

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