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What is Integratto?

Integratto Inc. is a pioneer in the field of business simulation headed by Mr. Yasushi Ogawa. They work in two quadrants:

– Business simulation combines business modeling and data analysis to support growth under uncertainty in the pharmaceutical, utility, and electronics industries. Business simulation is used for R&D, capital expenditure, new business, M&A, and other purposes in the pharmaceutical, utility, and electronics industries.

– They anticipate significant prospects as organizations seek new growth with adequate governance and the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations stresses risk assessment. Integratto Inc. has sold more than 1,000 business simulation software licenses to date.

Their beliefs

A project cannot be successful unless it is founded on a solid business plan, which is why many people believe that the more detailed a project’s plan is, the more likely it is to succeed. However, no matter how comprehensive the plan is, if the underlying assumptions are unclear, continuing forward with a project while misunderstanding the assumptions might result in catastrophic failure. Although the outcomes of a business strategy are inherently unknown, many enterprises proceed as if they are. The fact that the outcomes are unknown must be acknowledged, and the assumptions of a project must be carefully controlled.

Setting realistic goals and understanding the conditions required to attain them is easier with Discovery-Driven Planning and Strategic Decision Management. These ideas foster the flexibility to make any necessary mid-project strategy changes, as well as better commercial decision-making under uncertainty. They can help you boost project success rates, avert catastrophic failures, optimize project portfolios, and confidently discuss ideas and make proposals by implementing them.

Their Software and Consulting Are Based on the Concepts of Discovery-Driven Planning

The concepts of Discovery-Driven Planning and Strategic Decision Management are the foundations of their Business Simulation software. By supporting the monitoring and use of project plan milestones, their software will help you explore numerous business scenarios, support crucial project investment decisions, detect project risks, manage project assumptions, and improve your total project investment returns. In addition, they provide portfolio management software.

Their Business Development Solutions

They offer risk management through Business Simulation in 3 ways:

Software for Business Simulation

Their product is the top program based on the concepts of Discovery-Driven Planning, and it is meant to help you explore future business possibilities and manage project assumptions. In a nutshell, their software aids in the management of project risk, the simplification of project investment decisions, the tracking of project progress, and the facilitation of any strategic adjustments.

Advisory Services

Their clients’ long-term success and their relationship with them are both very important to the firm, thus when they consult, they always try to leave clients with more information and know-how so that they can use the company’s software and processes without the need for consultants. Software installation advice and training, as well as the formulation of Standard Operating Procedures, are examples of their consulting services (SOP).

Services for Education

The company offers a variety of educational services to complement their software and consultancy. Their educational services cover a wide range of topics, including how to understand and use basic project investment analysis tools, how to effectively communicate the benefits and drawbacks of various decisions to one’s superiors and more specific topics like conducting business due diligence and valuation for mergers and acquisitions.

  • Established : 2006

  • Industry : Business Development

  • Ownership : Private

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