Top 10 Skin Care Companies In Malaysia 2022-profiles

Intercosmetic Asia Pacific Sdn. Bhd.

6.Peter Kwong CEO Intercosmetic Asia Pacific Sdn Bhd

They are here to make beauty better for everyone

Intercosmetic Asia Pacific (formerly known as Intercos Asia Pacific) is a leading OEM / ODM cosmetics organization that makes one standalone platform for new global technology. Established in 1998, they produce high-quality products at competitive prices and effective service of international cosmetic products.

With the widest product portfolio, they partner with their major global Technology partners to provide unique cosmetics, skincare, and professional hair products. With their series of global service delivery and in-depth knowledge of all markets and distributions, they help you design the right product range with the fastest marketing time that is always in line with the latest aesthetic styles.

They are here to make beauty better for everyone. It has been, is, and will continue to be the foundation of their thinking, as they pursue their dream of becoming the best cosmetic manufacturer in the world.

Their Services:

  • Full Service: They will be responsible for purchasing all used materials, bulk, semi-finished (SF), and packaging components, producing and supplying their customers with the price of finished goods.
  • Free Problem: Customers will buy packaging parts and provide them. They will be responsible for consumer goods, bulk, and SF, produce and supply the price of finished goods without the cost of free packaging materials.
  • Subcontract: Their customers will supply raw materials, bulk, SF, and packaging components. They will manufacture and supply the finished goods at the cost of the production service.
  • Logistic Service: They will provide a service to meet the needs of most of their customers at the destination by pre-packaging the finished goods at the sender’s prices according to the needs of each location as determined by their customers. All required documents will be provided.

Their Goal

  • Creating the best beauty products with new Italian and Swiss products.
  • Provides the most popular halal cosmetic OEM / ODM services and services.
  • It offers one of the fastest ways to get customers out of a world-class beauty product.
  • Providing a platform to develop a complete product solution for their customers, by providing trendy beauty products, good packaging components, and high-quality production capacity, processes, and resources.

Why Intercosmetic is your preferred partner

Intercosmetic Group of Companies is an easy and reliable way to produce new color cosmetics, skincare, and perfume products that you need with their global technology through complete, customized services.

The idea of ​​being a one-stop shop is for cosmetic professionals to guide their clients throughout the process of developing their products with a variety of technologies. With their knowledge and understanding of the marketplace, they are trained to understand their customers, identify their goals and give them a complete peace of mind.

Their comprehensive services cover everything in the production of cosmetics – from product design to providing solutions such as packaging, formula, production, cost management, delivery, and more. With them as your preferred partner, you can leave difficult decisions for professionals and focus on one very important thing – results.

For centuries cosmetics have been used as a primary tool for beauty and elegance. This vision has inspired them to become in the business of helping businesses – from indie brands to international companies – to achieve their goal of beauty with custom-designed and outstanding quality cosmetics.

Their business involves more than just producing cosmetics. It is about giving brands and people a better beauty and a way to express and communicate.


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