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iPoint is the world’s leading expert in environmental product compliance and sustainability. They are the world’s leading experts in environmental product compliance, and sustainability – on how to manage, track and report throughout the supply chain from product concept to completion. They are trusted by their customers in their ability to deliver adaptive and comprehensive software solutions that give the visibility and control their customers seek in managing sustainability. iPoint empowers companies to collect, analyze and report all necessary data to assess the environmental, social, and economic impacts of their products and related processes enabling companies to evolve their business. By digitalizing the lifecycles of products and supply chain relationships our software solutions support enterprises to manage compliance, risk, and sustainability. This drives the transparency companies to need for good decision-making to govern and evolve their business. In a world of limited resources but unlimited ideas this is a precondition to successfully manufacture, and market-compliant and sustainable products fit for the circular economy – now and in the future.

Their Product Compliance and Sustainability Solutions:

Integration is key to the success of any business operation. Likewise, the effectiveness and efficiency of software solutions for product compliance and sustainability are critically dependent on data and process integration across the entire product life cycle. As specialists in software integration, they have been offering their customers this added value of comprehensive integration capability since 2001. With compliance & sustainability solutions and services tailored to your needs, iPoint is your key to integration and, therefore, your door opener to the circular economy.

iPoint’s integration programs support the company-internal and cross-company exchange of data and information. The goal: a sustainable and compliant product based on the focused interaction of a sustainable value creation network. Their proven software solutions and services will enable you to master the essential process steps: communication and data collection, data preparation/analysis/evaluation as well as the corresponding functionalities for high-quality reporting to stakeholders and relevant regulatory authorities.

Their services:

  • Consulting for Compliance: Create, plan, and implement compliance programs successfully. Benefit from their experience in data collection and supplier management.
  • Consulting for Sustainability: Their environmental engineers and experts in resource efficiency, carbon footprints & life cycle assessment support you in optimizing your product and company sustainability.
  • Software Services: iPoint’s software services enable you to automate the communication throughout the supply chain while ensuring the data can meet the reporting needs of your company, your customers, and regulatory institutions.
  • Software Support: Using the iPoint Service Desks, you can easily place new requests as well as check in on the status of your current support cases. They support you with competence, speed, and transparency.

The iPoint Suite provides a broad spectrum of compliance, sustainability, and risk management solutions founded on the CARE Principle. As part of their iPoint Suite roadmap, they continue to integrate the most critical components of their software tools to ensure that critical data, analysis, and reporting can be leveraged across different use cases.


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