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Iraya Energies

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About the company


As part of the world’s energy research and production, massive amounts of data are being collected at a high cost.

To process these huge amounts of historic and fresh data, we are a team of data scientists, engineers, and geoscientists who use Python for programming and a variety of technologies for database creation, machine learning techniques, online visualisation, and front- and back-end apps.

Through ElasticDocs, a cloud-native Innovative Information Container software solution, we’ve found ways to turn both unstructured and structured, and often forgotten, material into valuable knowledge and new insights.

Why Us?

Unstructured Data Instantly Available At Your Fingertips Is Our Value Proposition!

Data, both unstructured and structured, is awash in the oil and gas business, which grows exponentially and is everywhere. Decades of engineering, exploration, and production data are made instantly available with the ElasticDocs Intuitive Knowledge Container.

Final well reports, completion reports, drilling reports, seismic processing reports, and facility management documents are just a few examples of the vast and diversified range of data, disciplines, and forms accessible in engineering, exploration, and production. The most frequent file types are.pdf,.docx,.xlsx, pptx,.las, and.segy. To offer the user with an organised set of data, this input is ingested through a sequential pipeline and workflow that employs machine learning techniques such as natural language processing and deep convolutional neural networks.

Why Is Elasticdocs The Right Solution For Your Company?

  • Fast browsing of documents offers geoscientists new evidence-based insights

  • Share digitized data across the full exploration and production value chain and have strategic information instantly available

  • Maximize the value of your digitized data by giving access to diverse, multi-location subsurface teams

  • Save valuable geoscientist time in data mining and lower exploration and production project costs

  • Discover unknown patterns in your geoscience documents

  • Develop an exploration strategy by having decades of exploration history at your fingertips

ElasticDocs Intuitive Knowledge Container is a document management system that can handle.pdf,.docx,.xlsx, and.pptx files. It uses machine learning algorithms such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for digitalization, Natural Language Processing (NLP) for contextual understanding and full text search, and Deep Convolutional Neural Network (DCNN) for auto image classification of multiple image classes, including seismic, to convert unstructured data into structured data.

It also includes GIS layers for geolocating information and determining the availability (or scarcity) of information.

Engineers and geoscientists can use ElasticDocs Intuitive Knowledge Container to search through thousands of pages of reports in seconds and find geological analogues, for example, using sophisticated, pioneering search-and-cluster techniques developed by Iraya’s team of machine learning experts and geoscientists.

ElasticDocs Intuitive Knowledge Container is built with an interactive, user-friendly interface that brings the value of machine learning to the oil and gas industry as a functional and web-based software that can be accessed by multiple users, anytime and anywhere, on top of a range of sophisticated algorithms.

Services provided


Iraya Energies are experts in data mining with experience across the world from various geological basins. The data mining includes initial download, cataloging, cleanup, quality control of your data creating an advanced and functional web-based geoscience data repository including:

1.Crawl & Scrape

2.Automated extraction of engineering and geoscience data from the web, open-source datasets, including but not limited to the following formats like:

  • LAS & DLIS

  • SEGYs

  • Documents, including DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, TXT

  • Images, including BMP, JPEG

  • Metadata

  • Papers

  • ZIP files

3.Batch clean, sort of online and offline datasets

4.Database manipulation

5.CRUD (Create, Read, Update & Delete)

6.DAVE (Delete, Add, View & Edit)

Get your images organized through image classification for efficient processing and analyses. Move from cats vs dogs classification to engineering and geoscience image classes such as maps, seismic, stratigraphic charts, cores, tables and charts.

Our custom-made, multi-level classification using convolutional neural network will teach the machine to learn the texture, the colors, and the feeling of seismic or other relevant information.

The classified images are displayed in our intuition viewer ElasticDocs Intuitive Knowledge Container.

Source : Iraya Energies

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