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ISU Corp

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About the company

ISU Corp is a high-tech firm that focuses on software architecture, development, project management, and user interface design. We have a large team of IT professionals who offer many years of knowledge in a variety of technologies to the company.

A total of 35 senior consultants make up our core team. We have experienced systems architects, project managers, software developers, quality assurance / business analysts, graphic designers (UI-UX), and administrative support in our team. Our projects are staffed by our senior resources, as well as additional pre-qualified consultants and technical specialists from our business partners, associates, and vendor professional services, as needed. Through our technological business network and staffing partners, we have access to a significant number of technical people. We collaborate closely with companies that specialise in computer infrastructure and related fields. These partnerships enable us to contribute specific skill sets to the project that are required for a successful software launch and implementation. With this business model, we want to hire the best people for the work, allowing us to complete the project on time and with the promised outcomes.

Our primary focus is on our clients, as they are the sole basis for our existence. We consistently go above and above to achieve customer happiness. We consider our clients to be partners, and we are confident that if we help them succeed in their initiatives, we will succeed together.

We seek to establish a win-win situation in which partnership, honesty, and professionalism are required in every activity we perform for our clients.

Growth-Stimulating Business Services

ISU Corp is a high-end software consulting organisation whose main goal is to increase the earnings of its clients through superior custom software solutions. Their DevOps team is the newest addition to their services. They now have highly qualified DevOps engineers managing their clients’ whole environment, which is a huge assistance to them. ISU is automating all of the environments, from development to testing to production, while maintaining a high level of stability in each.

In order to maximise their growth, they are currently concentrating on four key areas. Custom insurance software solutions, Blockchain – particularly in relation to e-commerce and cryptocurrencies – laboratory systems, and start-ups are among their specialties. ISU seeks out supported start-up enterprises with which they may collaborate on technology and assist in the growth of their businesses. Their concentration on various industries allows them to perfect

their method with each one, resulting in beneficial and long-lasting connections with their clients. These elements have a significant impact on the company’s growth and success.

1.Web/Mobile Development : Businesses can use web/mobile applications to reach new customers, serve existing clients, and boost market awareness. Businesses can rely on a trustworthy source of cross platform development to ensure a seamless product launch and high levels of customer satisfaction to make the best first impression. By managing the software development life cycle using our own in-house project management platform, IS Unified, we set the bar for standards in app engineering, product quality, and deliverability.

2.Development Team Outsourcing : Many of our clients choose to entrust us with their full development team. The major reason is because they rapidly discover that outsourcing their projects and priorities to us is considerably faster, more efficient, and less expensive than doing it in-house. Allow ISU Corp to handle all of your software development needs so that you can concentrate solely on expanding your company.

3.Cloud Application Hosting: We’ve always provided cloud-based development and testing environments for our clients as we’ve created software applications for them over the years. Our clients began asking us to handle their cloud-based production environments as a result of the exceptional services found on our QAT environments. We can handle applications on the Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Oracle Cloud platforms.

About the Dynamic CEO

In 1995, David Mansilla began his career as a software developer. In 1996, he started a part-time business developing software for the retail industry. David has worked in the corporate world for many years, rising through the ranks from Senior Developer to Systems Architect to Senior Development Leader. He founded ISU Corp. in May 2005 after deciding to devote 100 percent of his time to the software consulting market. Since then, he has attracted a diverse range of clientele, ranging from software start-ups to multibillion-dollar organisations.

David is the CEO of ISU Corp, and he is responsible for all of the company’s employees and clients. He is the glue that holds everything together, and he is grateful and fulfilled in that capacity. Because David no longer works in the business, he now works on it, he delegated 90% of his responsibilities. He gives direction and leadership to the company and its employees so that they can achieve their full potential and ISU Corp can give the most value to its customers.

Source : ISU Corp

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