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Jamestown, America’s first English settlement is under endangered places

7.Jamestown, America_s first English settlement is under endangered places

One of America’s most significant historic sites has been designated as endangered. Climate change, according to preservationists, may mean that Jamestown, Virginia, will not survive another generation.

A small island near the mouth of Chesapeake Bay was the first successful English colony in 1607. It is also known as the birthplace of democracy and slavery in America. However, the James River’s tides are becoming higher and more damaging, the water table is rising, and storms are becoming more frequent and severe, resulting in dangerous floods.

James river eroded the western part of the island settlement until digging began in 1994. It was mistakenly assumed that the original fort was already underwater. Since then, archaeologists have excavated the majority of the fort and retrieved millions of antiques.

They discovered evidence of cannibalism during the brutal winter of 1609-10, known as the Starving Time. They also discovered the skeletal remains of the first settlers in 2015. Climate change is accelerating the pace of erosion and flooding.



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