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JustOne Solutions, LLC

6. Jerone J Jones Founder Chief Executive JustOne Solutions LLC

Provide outstanding information security solutions and consulting services

JustOne Solutions (JOS) offers excellent information security solutions and consulting services. They specialize in expert-level consulting technology systems engineering and training services to professional clients. The consultants at Just One Solution have extensive industry experience, industry-respected certifications, and in-depth, cross-platform technical expertise that allows them to deliver high-quality, value-based services.

Cyber ​​security, at its most basic level, is the protection of computers, systems, and networks from all kinds of unauthorized access or attacks. At the most complex level, it involves the professional formation of legal and ethical practitioners, project managers, data analysts, network and communications managers, and some hardware and software specialists. JustOne brings all these specialists to your fingertips.

Their leadership team includes 21st century experienced thinkers, risk management experts, IT strategists, artists and designers, educators and community facilitators, policymakers, and corporate executives who specialize in technology, and higher education, U.S. Comes from a variety of backgrounds in the military and nonprofit sectors. Consulting companies.

Why JustOne Solutions?

  • Experience: The IT boutique consultancy firm has over 20 years of extensive industry experience, industry-respected certifications, and in-depth, cross-platform technical expertise.
  • Expert solutions: Excellent information security solutions and consulting services for government, citizen, and commercial customers.
  • Security: Keep businesses and people securely connected.
  • Quality: High-quality delivery and value-based services from various IT branches.
  • Exclusive: Consultants with extensive industry experience, industry-respected certifications, and in-depth, cross-platform technical expertise.

Industries they work with:

They help eliminate the fear of cyber, privacy, identity, and operational risk, so you and your organization can grow, create, change, and make an impact. With the consistent changes in the technology industry, they must stay ahead of policy, legal and ethical standards, and the many factors which impact your security.

  1. Government: Entrepreneurship and the utilization of specially designated small businesses are essential to meet the needs of our Federal Government clients, so JustOne continuously seeks out subcontractors and suppliers to assist with their client’s mission.
  • Defense: Their commitment is to provide support and well-informed data to their armed forces, as their first line of defense – on land, sea, air, under the waves, and in cyberspace.
  • Education: They go the nontraditional route and offer participants a unique experience to build upon a foundational understanding of information technology and cybersecurity.

Their services:

  1. IT Solutions: DMV leader in IT services providing specialist managed services, custom application development, and secure network support, backed by over 20 years of experience.
  • Enterprise customer care: Increase your IT productivity and successfully solve your critical situation by integrating into a system of connections.
  • Engineering support: They are at the forefront of innovative, custom IT solutions that streamline operations, increase employee productivity, and increase profitability.
  • Training: Learn how to deliver better client experiences for you and your team. And for that, you can register for their special courses.
  • Cyber ​​security services and support: They bring managed resources to assess your current situation and create a unique security program to predict the unexpected.
  • Information management: A proven approach is built on relationships that include policies and procedures to ensure proper diligence, which gives you confidence in your decision.
  • Programming, planning, and management: No matter how much information they have, they will keep an eye on the operation and keep track of all the details.
  • Certificates: Introduce you to next-generation technology to qualify for the next promotion or take advantage of significant opportunities.


Intergenerational Steam (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) Workforce development, setting standards for collaborative social impact through technology and communities by embracing diversity and encouraging motivation. JustOne promotes innovation and industrial competitiveness by advancing related technologies that enhance economic security and improve the quality of life in the 21st century.


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