K.R.Decorate Co.,Ltd.

1.Miss Preawpan Tepsiri, Managing Director K.R.Decorate Co.,Ltd. - Top 10 Architecture Interior Design Companies in Thailand 2022

We would like to know about the inception story of K.R Decorate. How do you went on to establish this business?

This company was originally the father of Miss Preawpan (MD) is a carpenter, not a company figure. 11 years ago, Miss Preawpan took over from her father and established a full-service decoration company. Currently starting the design and construction of housing for 3 years and in the future, K.R.Decorate Co., Ltd. will be a full-service residential design and construction company.

How has been K.R Decorate’s journey to date been? 

In the past, we only did interior decoration in condominiums. Average and about 100 sq m. Later began to work for a house of 200 sq m. and expanded the size to 500-1000 sq m, respectively. At present, the design and construction of a house with a size of 1000 sq m is under work.

What kind of hurdles did you face while commencing your firm?

Reliability of the company, in which customers will look at the responsibility until the completion of the job.

Tell us about your early life and educational background.

I have 3 siblings, all women. My father is a carpenter. We have our own factory. My education is a bachelor’s degree in Accounting, and I have experience in accounting. Has come to help manage your father’s account after working in accounting for 10 years and was established as K.R.Decorate Co., Ltd.

Which design themes do you enjoy the most to work on?

I like the modern, simple style, which my partner Mr. Korarit (Chief Designer of K.R.Decorate) does well.

What process do you follow that keeps you standing strong in the competition?

Bringing customer dreams to reality and paying attention to detail every step of the way, and having a team of very experienced professionals.

Tell us about your custom made furniture service.

Factory Manager Mr. Suttipong is the construction planner with Mr. Korarit. The decoration process starts from the system work, both electricity and water supply, next is the ceiling & floor work. (In the meantime, the furniture is up at the factory) When the ceiling is completed, we put the furniture in. When the woodwork and hardware installation is complete, it will be paintwork on furniture, ceiling & floor, including detailing, defect inspection, installation of wallpaper, curtains, including loose furniture, and delivery of the work.

What will you say about your team’s contribution to building K.R.Decorate?

Everyone is very experienced and professional. Has a good team leader, both design (Mr. Korarit) and construction (Mr. Suttipong). As-well-as system management and attention to the quality of construction in order to deliver quality work to customers. The company’s growth to date comes from the quality of its work, which has led to continuous recommendations from customers.

What are your views on sustainable material?

We use wooden frames made from factory waste through a new molding process.

How are you planning to increase your business reach?

Because, we pay a lot of attention to the production process. Moreover, it is a custom made production, so the business expansion is quite slow. In addition, in the current situation, we do not reduce employee salaries. But we add more work to be responsible. And have to look at the situation that will happen in the future to formulate a business plan.

Year of Founding: 11 years
Founding Members 3 members
Office Locations Nawamin Road. Bangkok Thailand
Company Strength Pay attention to every step of the work both design and construction work
Website http://www.krdecorate.com/


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