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Kambyan Network

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About The Kambyan Network

Established since 2017, The Kambyan Network is helmed by Arinaa Kambyan Berhad, which develops, operates and maintains the Decentralised Autonomous Platform called ManUsIA™ (Man Using Intelligent Applications). ManUsIA™ is a comprehensive Autonomous Sentient Solution Platform, that enhances our daily lives by autonomously managing any and every application, gadgets and robots.

The Kambyan Network is a technology consortium that enables enterprises to perform autonomous operations through the Autonomous SENTIENT platform ManUsIa™ and to reap the transformative benefits of UAS technology through our comprehensive Specialised Data and UAS & ROBOTICS engineering teams, highly skilled flight operators, data scientists and various personnel with specialised skill sets. We help businesses deploy autonomous solutions at scale, saving thousands of dangerous, dull, dirty and difficult man-hours and helping businesses thrive in these challenging times.

Machine Development

What we do

We develop, operate & maintain an Autonomous SENTIENT solution platform that allows anyone to connect an intelligent machine or application designed for a specific purpose.

We provide expert services for your organization’s mission critical assets using drone technology. Through state-of-the-art data collection and analysis, and comprehensive program software, we are able to deliver transformative intelligence that optimizes energy production, protects people, and improves infrastructure, all while simplifying maintenance and management processes.

Our Mission

ManUsI Mission

To replace the Dirty, Dull, Difficult & Dangerous (4D) manual jobs with highly trained Technopreneur using autonomous systems.

Our Goals

ManUsIA GOALS: Improve the socio-economic conditions of the rural people with our ManUsIA intelligent Digital Agricultural Systems (MiDAgS)


We employ high energy, skilled individuals who thrive on being at the top of their game. We pride ourselves on maintaining a culture based on integrity, professionalism, and fun. Kambyan team comes from all walks of life, and we keep learning every day. With the increasing demand of autonomous operations in Malaysia Kambyan needs 200 professionals to be fully trained and hired at the Kambyan Network.


From turnkey aerial inspections to a la carte training, analysis, and consulting; Measure offers its customers the ability to choose the solution that best meets their needs.

1.Digital Agriculture: Digital agriculture is the use of new and advanced technologies, integrated into one system, to enable farmers and other stakeholders within the agriculture value chain to improve food production.

2.Autonomous UAS Training: UAS and Robotics Academy was set up by a group of Malaysian autonomous flight experts with extensive experience in the aviation and aerospace industry. It provides theoretical and practical training of autonomous UAS in large and small, fixed and rotary with UAVs.

3.IR 4.0 Training Centre: URA is at the forefront of providing the RPA-FO training and academic knowledge to students and working adults. We apply holistic approach in our academic curriculum which has proven effective in producing quality graduates with sound technical ability as well virtuous characters as we inculcate ethical values throughout the course of education.

4.Robotics/UAS/AI Research & Development: Is the Research and Development arm of the Kambyan Network. We carry out cutting edge research in the fields of robotics, unmanned aerial systems. Established both in Malaysia and Singapore. Saffron Info Systems an MSC Status Company made its mark by creating a niche in the real estate sector with its flagship solutions; the Electronic Property Valuation System (ePVS). Currently the solutions are being converted into the digital ledger technology as a comprehensive asset management system.

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