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KAOS Architects

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“Believes in the power of Innovative design to positively affect people and organizations”

KAOS architecture is a Saudi leading and highly ranked world-class firm with complete integrated solutions specializing in architecture, interior design, engineering consultancy and studies, urban planning, progressive infrastructure engineering, project, and construction management. They are known for their quality and professionalism. KAOS was founded in 2004, both Jeddah and Beirut offices are responsible for leading the firm’s work in the Gulf region, and the middle east followed in 2010, With its office in Paris. KAOS multi-disciplinary Saudi team comprises architects. Interior designers from different nationalities deliver a diverse set of services through highly entrepreneurial culture and a dynamic network of practice areas and offices working as one team.

KAOS believes in the power of innovative design to positively affect people and organizations on many different levels. Their design philosophy is similarly multi-layered, with each piece complementing and supporting each other. They believe in design that inspires and design that performs. This inspirational nature isn’t purely artistic; it’s built on the specific vision and aspirations of each client. Merging the magic with the practical means that inspiration and performance are grounded in core requirements for ethical, community-minded practice and consistently excellent process and delivery that build trust and confidence in them.

Quality management at KAOS

KAOS Jeddah has a carefully developed, documented, and accredited quality management system (QMS) that is used on all projects so that each will conform to the highest standard of excellence, efficiency, reliability and safety, risk management, and cost-effectiveness. This system is administered by the quality manager, who is responsible for internal recorded audits of the production-level activities of each project team.

The QMS describes methods for developing, preparing coordinating, checking, verifying, reviewing, approving, issuing, revising, and filing design, construction, procurement, and other consultants. The QMS includes both a body of standards and procedures and training components to ensure that all professional employees are aware of and use these standers. The objective is to ensure that every project meets these standards and that schematic design, design development, and contract documents contain, complete, and well-coordinated information.

Services they offer

KAOS offers a full of services that starts with the design brief & appraisal and go through the design concept to the development of this concept along with the technical approach. They provide: 

  • Architecture
  • Master planning
  • Engineering
  • Digital innovation
  • Business advisory
  • Program management 
  • Cost management
  • Environmental solution

They bring you the current trends and benchmarks for your industry to assist you and to inform your decisions. Comparative data can be viewed to see how their client’s use of space stacks up against their peers.

Website- http://kaosarchitects.com/

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