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Keto MCT Oil

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LifeSense company was formed in May 2015.  It was inspired by their family’s struggles with type 1 diabetes, unbalanced gut flora, brain fog, depression, weight gain, and celiac disease. Being unsatisfied with the pharmaceutical approaches practiced by most doctors, the family consulted with specialists around the globe, open to thinking outside the box, to find solutions to these problems. They are not a typical family startup. One of their family members is a renowned nutritionist and lipid/fat biochemist, and the other is very knowledgeable about alternative health strategies through practical experience.   

They decided to introduce C8 MCT as their first product because it’s the most potent MCT currently on the market.  In keeping their customers’ busy lifestyles in mind, they offer standard- and travel-size containers at competitive prices with exceptional quality.  The travel size makes it easy and convenient to incorporate MCTs into one’s daily diet.  

Why LifeSense?

  • Super-high quality, domestically manufactured, potently ketogenic, C8 MCT oil, with current lot featuring 100% C8.  (Domestic manufacture adds to cost, but provides their customers with high-quality control)
  • They leverage 30 years’ technical know-how of lipids and nutrition to help their customers get the most from the products. As an example, they provide the optimum methods to consume their oils. Most of their customers have taken their advice to consume MCT oils with solid foods (not acidic coffee) for better tolerability and absorption.
  • They are featured on podcasts and radio shows on technical aspects of their products to educate customers, practitioners, and academics
  • They source for coconut oil-derived components
  • They use special plastic materials in the bottle that are tested to be compatible with MCTs (they are concerned competitor products do not).
  • They have a custom-made “jug” bottle with a pouring handle and a custom cap system that minimizes spillage.
  • They collaborate with trusted long-term partners that provide super high-quality domestic raw products, with great quality control, proven sustainability, and extensive documentation. 
  • Their products are backed by solid scientific publications, without marketing hype and pseudo-scientific claims prevalent in nutritional product websites and literature.

LifeSense is one of the very few brands offering MCT oil with a cover story in NutraIngredients.com. * The Editors of Nutra Ingredients noted their company’s vision to be fully transparent and honest about their products. The article describes their tremendous technical, scientific, and marketing know-how in the nutrition and lipid (fat) arena. 

They never overstate or exaggerate the benefits of their products; they stick to what they have seen published or observed by their customers.

Website- https://lifesenseproducts.com/

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