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Keyless Technologies Pte Ltd

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About the company

Keyless is a deeptech cybersecurity firm formed by renowned security experts, seasoned technologists, and business leaders who have brought over ten years of study to life.

Keyless is developing the world’s first privacy-preserving biometric authentication and personal identity management technology that uses distributed cloud architecture and combines multi-modal biometrics with powerful cryptography.

Our zero-knowledge biometric authentication solution is the result of more than a decade of cryptography and biometrics research. It’s the first system that allow businesses to safely and confidentially authenticate individuals in milliseconds, thanks to distributed nodes that can cryptographically ensure the procedure’s validity.

Businesses can use Passwordless authentication, protect their remote workforce, and offer strong consumer authentication with just one look thanks to a keyless zero-knowledge biometrics solution that eliminates the need to store and manage sensitive information.

We have a product suite that spans two product lines: workforce authentication and consumer authentication.

Passwordless MFA for workforce : By enabling your employees to seamlessly and securely log in to any application with just a look, via our Keyless Authenticator app – no passwords, PINs, or security codes – Keyless speeds your transition to a true zero-trust security model and helps actualize your digital workplace. With Keyless Passwordless biometric MFA across your company, such as Mobile & Web Applications, IDP/ SSO, Workstation login, VDI and RDP access, you can increase productivity, cut expenses, and prevent phishing and credential stuffing.

Passwordless SCA across all touchpoints : The user experience should not be jeopardized by strong consumer authentication. Keyless eliminates the need for your customer to remember a password or receive and input a One-Time-Password (OTP) from unsecure text messages or email with our SDK white label solution. Multi-factor authentication with only a glimpse into the camera eliminates the added friction and reduces the danger of phishing and account takeover.

PSD2- and GDPR-compliant multi-factor authentication is performed using keyless ZKB.

Solving tomorrow’s privacy and security concerns now

Biometric data is extremely sensitive, and organisations that handle it must pay a lot of money to keep it safe. Users are also concerned about centralised systems holding their biometric data because of the danger of maintaining such sensitive data in a single system.

Keyless solves these issues by employing a novel cryptographic way to safely save encrypted biometric data across several servers. This ensures that hacking any (or all) of these servers will not result in the leaking of sensitive data. As a result, compliance expenses are drastically lowered, and users no longer have to trust corporations with their personal information.

This unique technique eliminates the trade-off between security, privacy, and convenience, allowing businesses to overcome the present challenges of offering a seamless user experience while maintaining strong security.

Source : https://keyless.io/

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