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About Khora

Khora was founded with the goal of examining the potential of Virtual and Augmented Reality and using the technology to worthwhile causes. With this in mind, one of the most difficult issues the organisation faced during its early stages was determining its technological capabilities and limitations. Khora’s team was able to overcome this by staying current with technology, speaking with specialists, and participating in the Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality community. The second part of the challenge was communicating these restrictions to people who were unfamiliar with the technology but were inspired by its applications and wanted to put a concept to the test. It was a problem of selling the idea while staying true to the technology’s present limitations and the client’s MVP finances. The team decided to organise explorative workshops with their clients to maintain the discussion clear and to heighten the creativity. They’ve hosted nearly 600 multidisciplinary teams so far. Khora’s talented team was motivated to overcome every obstacle and become Scandinavia’s premier virtual and augmented reality production business, as well as the world’s first virtual reality store.

The Bandwidth of the Product

Overall, Khora operates in three areas: consulting, which includes organising workshop sessions and events and transporting hardware to clients’ locations; the shop, which functions as a VR arcade and is ideal for introducing people to the technology; and the core business, which is the creation of VR and AR content for a variety of industries. Khora is a virtual environment that connects the physical and virtual worlds.

With its diverse exploratory concepts, Khora is willing to collaborate with its B2B clients in a variety of industries. Healthcare, art, energy, and tourism are just a handful of the potential fields. Khora, which combines a storefront, instructional platform, and manufacturing facility, intends to bring individuals of all ages and backgrounds together who are interested in this developing technology.

About the CEO

Simon, who has a BA in Philosophy, a Masters in Business Entrepreneurship, and 7 years of experience as a Brand and Concept leader in the retail industry, was immediately captivated by Virtual Reality Technology. He compares the experience to being in the centre of a Jordanian refugee camp with Sidra, a little Syrian refugee girl.

He met Peter Fisher, who had been playing with VR and was continuously developing content and testing prototypes, after talking to people participating in meetup groups. Peter was the

ideal business partner for Simon because of his passion for technology and extensive understanding of the field, as well as his expertise in computer graphics and animation. Prior to starting Khora, he worked as a Concept Leader/Brand Director for an international retail chain with over 500 locations.

Simon’s days are jam-packed with back-to-back meetings and workshops as the CEO of Khora, while his evenings are dedicated for emails. His week is usually filled with overseeing everyday activities and juggling family life. Despite this, he takes time for his family, describing playing with his sons as his safe haven.

The Approaching Path

Khora has delved into a variety of areas, spanning from arts to education, marketing, and healthcare, while remaining true to their purpose of investigating the possibilities of VR and AR. Diversifying the markets in which it works enables it to discover new uses of the technology and produce scalable solutions. They developed a VR Pain Distraction tool for children aged 6-12 through a relationship with the General Hospital in Copenhagen (Rigshospitalet) and its Center for Pediatric Pain and Knowledge, which may be simply utilised by nurses on the job with little familiarity with the technology.

This idea has recently evolved into a product called Comfort XR, which is presently in use in six different Scandinavian healthcare facilities. Khora’s development is just getting started. Working on more products that can be scaled and expanded to new markets is the long-term strategy.

Simon’s accomplishment illustrates what can be accomplished when a concept is developed with enthusiasm and hard effort. It was his vision to alter the world with a new technology, and he was confident in his ability to predict the future of VR technology, ushering in a new era of innovation.

Source : Khora Virtual Reality

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