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Knowledge Catalyst

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 Knowledge Catalyst  – The Real Challenges Around Getting Access To Quality Education

Knowledge Catalyst aims to solve the real problems around fraudulent and falsified certificates and verification of the status of the credentials, whether it is revoked, canceled, or expired. This significantly retains the reputation of the credential issuers, enhances the talent mobility opportunity recipients, and reduces the overhead from having to verify each credential manually. In one of their use cases, they use technology to close the gaps of equitable learning and the future of work, especially the real challenges around getting access to quality education, acquiring and applying critical knowledge that, in turn, increases competitiveness and productivity at work.

The heart of Knowledge Catalyst is to deliver a positive impact through its blockchain technology capabilities. The company was first founded to tackle the gap in demand and supply for competencies within the ASEAN labor force. However, they soon recognized how their solutions have the potential to create positive social impact in sectors outside education & talent, and they strive to deliver these impacts as they continue to grow.

What do They do?

  • Assist individuals in honing and credentialing practical skills and competencies.
  • Connect stakeholders through greater industry visibility with blockchain credentials.
  • They build blockchain security protocols and solutions for digital credentials.

Why use Knowledge Catalyst?

  • Control: Disclose your sensitive health information only to required parties.
  • Convenience: All in one app from appointment bookings to certificate storing and retrieving.
  • Connectivity: Use globally-recognized health credentials across multiple stakeholders.

How does it work for Individuals?

  • Complete the required health test: Book an appointment with clinics listed on their platform to complete your health test (e.g., COVID-19 PCR swab test).
  • Receive your health certificate: Your test results (e.g., COVID-19 Negative) will be sent to your email and mobile credential wallet as a digital health certificate with a QR code.
  • Verify your health certificate: Retrieve your health certificate from the credential wallet to verify your test results with other parties when required.
  • Disclose certificate only to verifiers: Verifiers can review health certificates immediately and you would not need to leave sensitive health information with them.
  • Access is verified: You can resume traveling or participation in other activities safely.

Knowledge Catalyst is a technology company that specializes in harnessing blockchain technology to create opportunities and value-add in different industries. Apart from their solution for the health and travel ecosystem, the company also deployed solutions in the education and talent ecosystem to address the widening gaps of equitable learning and the future of work. Launched in 2019, Knowledge Catalyst has served over 300 organizations across 8 different countries around the world and continues to grow.


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