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About Us

Kristal.AI is a global, digital-first private wealth platform for comprehensive, no-frills wealth management solutions for sophisticated high net worth and first time investors. Powered by an unparalleled combination of advanced algorithms and investment professionals, we focus on providing personalized products and unbiased advice. We actively embrace change to remain at the forefront of the fintech industry.

Leadership Team

The leadership team of Kristal.AI actively oversees and fully commits to creating long-term value for our clients. We aim to be a thought-leader equipped with a forward-thinking mindset to empower the entire team through technology. Our leadership believes that tech enabled wealth management is the way forward to bring innovation in this industry.

How We Invest?

Elevating the investing experience for investors by fusing the formidable combination of data, driven by ML/AI with expert insights from the investment committee.


At the heart of our investment methodology is the unique collaboration between our seasoned Investment Committee and our cutting-edge algorithm.

This approach allows us to capture trends, without missing the risk management provided by human oversight.

IC Oversight

Our Investment Committee is responsible to provide a forward looking input. Markets are analysed using fundamental and model inputs, and views are consolidated to provide a comprehensive outlook on global markets, which in turn used as an input for the algorithm.

Product Selection Methodology

We choose best-in-class investment products across the spectrum of stocks, bonds, funds, private equities, VC, and more.

For Private Wealth Investors

1. Kristal Private Market

  • Easy access to high-potential startups and private companies to diversify and enhance your portfolio.

  • For investors who want to support innovative businesses and be part of their success stories.

2. Alternative Investments

  • Diversify your portfolio with exclusive Private Equity, Pre-IPO deals, VC Funds & other investments like Bitcoin, Gold, Hedge Funds and many more.

  • Kristal fractionalizes difficult-to-access deals and opportunities.

3. Funds Platform

  • Professionally managed funds with active investment strategies, screened for you by our investment committee to diversify your portfolio.

  • Enabling clients to access exclusive investment strategies.

4. Tailor-Made Products

  • Customize products based on your market outlook and specific needs across equities, bonds, gold and more.

  • For investors looking to enhance portfolio yield based on market views.

5. Build Your Own Kristal

  • Can’t find what you are looking for? Create your own exclusive investment strategy with risk management & periodic reporting.

  • For seasoned investors who prefer to design their own portfolio.


  • A focus list of the most trending and high potential ETFs screened and selected by our seasoned investment committee.

  • Access to over 500+ indices and 100+ countries/markets for all our investors.

7. Auto Rebalanced Portfolios

  • AI-driven investment strategies like Autopilot enhanced with the expertise of our seasoned investment committee designed to meet your every goal.

  • A fully managed & dynamically rebalanced portfolio for hands-off investors.

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