Top 10 Skin Care Companies In Malaysia 2022-profiles

Kyoumei Industries Sdn. Bhd.

5. Alison lee Founder Kyoumei Industries Sdn Bhd

They provides high-quality design and set results

Kyoumei Industries Sdn Bhd is a company established in the development and production of scientifically proven, innovative human care products. They are a research model and company that makes novel and natural ingredients in the creation and production of natural skincare and cosmetics. The outstanding Kyoumei brand in skin care, cosmetics, and healthcare supplement is a value for money.

Kyoumei produces customers’ most popular and effective skincare products and is among the fastest-changing beauty styles in 10 years worldwide. They are a complete ODM single stop and OBM organization that provides high-quality design and set results. Being a global pioneer in the production of health and beauty care has encouraged growth and became the vision of Kyoumei Industries. Nationwide, more than 1000 brands have worked with Kyoumei, making them the leading manufacturer of skin care products in Malaysia, Southeast Asia, and overseas.

Kyoumei’s customer-friendly and technology-driven create a “star” business model for the healthy beauty of humanity. Kyoumei pursues the science of beauty and health. Kyoumei can be found everywhere in their daily lives as a form of cosmetics, skincare, and health supplements.

Why Choose Them:

Malaysian Private Label Manufacturers such as skincare, cosmetics, personal care, cleaner, and more are present, but make sure it is different from any other skincare manufacturer.

Points why you should choose it as your private skincare label production!

  • One-Stop Service: They offer a complete solution from a product perspective to the final product! They cover everything from certification registration, obtaining raw ingredients, and designing and labeling.
  • More than 200 Ready Products: You can choose from over 200 ready-made products they have made in all their launches since 2009. These products have passed rigorous quality testing and have proven to be effective.
  • Great Productivity: Their state-of-the-art production facilities can produce 5,000 units per hour. They use a fully automatic machine from mixing to the process of welding.
  • Innovation Service: Completely New Product on the Market? Trending product? They can help you build a new product from scratch, from ingredient selection, texture viscosity, and pH to expected performance.
  • Low Productivity MOQ: They can handle a low production of 1000 units.
  • Serve More Than 200 Business Owners: They have worked for more than 800 business owners and brokers since 2005.
  • Quality assurance: If the product They deliver is not up to standard, you can always change it under their ‘Quality Assurance system.’ The Quality Assurance Program is provided for all products produced by them.
  • Delivery Time-Guaranteed: They know how important time is for the business owner. That is why it emphasizes the guarantee of delivery time which includes.
  • 1st Prototype Development – 10 working days
  • Redo Prototype Development – 5 working days
  • NOT registration – 20 working days
  • Production – 42 working days
  • Qualified Team: Their team consists of trained staff from degree holders to Ph.D. Only relevant qualifications and acceptable personality in their team.

Final Thoughts:

Their commitment is to enable their customers and vendors to grow and thrive in development by providing their high-quality beauty products with a good reputation, honesty, trust, service, and support for quality services to succeed in the skincare industry and meet. consumer demand.

Customer satisfaction is their main goal. To be a market leader in developing quality products and practical solutions that work to meet the needs of skin care products worldwide.


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