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Unbroken Software, LLC, founded by Jason Carr in September 2015, is the creator of LaunchBox. Jason is a Christian, and the company would not exist or be successful without the Lord’s intervention in his life. As a result, he is certain that everything he and the firm accomplish is for the glory of God. LaunchBox is only one example of what God has done in our life, and what He can accomplish in yours as well.

What was the impetus behind the creation of launchbox?

In 2014, Dan Negroni, the creator of launchbox, had a huge idea: What if we could bridge the generational divide in the workplace by coaching and mentoring around age and diversity to crush performance and creativity while also creating meaningful engagement? Our purpose is to teach people about themselves and to assist them in working from the inside out to make a genuine difference in the lives of their peers, employers, and clients. Since 2014, we’ve employed our training lab of over 15,000 millennials and their managers to test and enhance our methodology, theories, and frameworks to address the workplace’s pressing multi-generational disconnect. We’ve established ourselves as one of the world’s foremost experts on leveraging multi-generational workforces and establishing the workplace of the future, supporting businesses in attracting, retaining, managing, and motivating millennials. Our relationship-based leadership and sales approach has helped us expand firms by more than a billion dollars.

What were the initial obstacles you had to overcome?

Getting our word out has been the most difficult and frustrating challenge. What we do is sometimes difficult to explain because it is essentially a mentality and storey transformation for workers. It may seems straightforward, but proving and quantifying it is tough. We now have proof and major examples of how we have changed the nature of engagement and performance in innumerable organisations of all sizes, thanks to many pleased clients. Another issue we faced was the desire to please everyone, so we were quite adaptable. We now see how important it is to know what you do well and to be consciously competent about how and how. As a result, we no longer stray from what has worked in the past.

Aside from the success of launchbox, what else has Dan accomplished?

Dan built a second company called Hooga, which will launch its first product later this year, in addition to masterminding all of the systems, procedures, and curriculum launchbox currently employs with our clients. It’s an e-learning and on-demand coaching product designed to meet a critical need among our present clientele. Individuals want to be able to learn what they want from people they trust on their own time, according to studies. We feel that this new solution will assist businesses in meeting their rising needs as the world of work continues to evolve swiftly around them.

Growth and scale are the most significant ongoing issues for launchbox. How do we expand in such a way that we can continue to give our particular sauce to the end-user without dilution? That necessitates a great deal of content control and faith in others’ ability to provide it in their own true and distinct way. However, we are constantly seeking new partners to assist us in spreading the word!

What is Dan’s strategy for balancing his business and personal lives?

Dan tries to attain that elusive work-life balance, despite finding it difficult at times to turn off the “coach” in him. He became a health and fitness nut after surviving cancer at the age of twenty-seven, and he works out every day, sometimes twice a day! Dan enjoys running, riding, swimming, and anything else that keeps him young and active. He resides in Del Mar, California, with his lovely wife and three great children. They take family outings both inside and outside of San Diego to reconnect as a family, which is especially essential now that their children are older and have begun their own lives.

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