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Legion Capital

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“Funding & participating large construction projects “

Legion Capital (Ticker Symbol: LGCP) is a publicly-traded FinTech driven private equity lender focused on specialized lending to real estate developers, business owners, and entrepreneurs. They provide bridge funding, acquisition, development, and growth capital to companies and projects in targeted industries. Legion also takes equity ownership in select companies and projects.

Legion Capital funds acquisition, early-stage development, and growth capital need for small and medium-sized business owners and developers, addressing a market segment that has gone largely unserved by banks and conventional lenders. They have core holdings in real estate development, construction, infrastructure, materials, and other business segments, along with a substantial pipeline of transactions that will provide exponential growth over the next several years. As a private equity firm focused on small and emerging companies, they look to acquire ownership stakes, on either a controlling or non-controlling basis, in select companies and projects in growth industries.

Legion Capital is a boutique private equity firm, specialized lender, and service provider for small and medium businesses focused on early-stage real estate developments in the state of Florida. As a specialized lender, Legion Capital fills a void created by banks and institutional lenders that no longer serve early-stage real estate projects. The firm also supports its lending activities with title and closing, marketing, and management services through wholly-owned subsidiaries.

Although their core business is lending and business services, at times they do take an ownership stake in a company or project, either as a control or non-control owner. Typically, they look for ownership opportunities that are complementary to their other business interests. They creatively structure these transactions to minimize the risk of loss, while at the same time maximizing their returns when the project succeeds.

Why Legion Capital?

  • Their Equity Model: They look to enhance their revenue and profit through a combination of success fees or equity ownership. They look to protect their capital as a secured lender to the project, while equity participation allows them to profit from the success of the project.
  • Seeking Ownership: Their team is always on the search for ownership and equity opportunities, either through the acquisition of a controlling stake in a business or enterprise or through revenue share or success fee opportunities in their various projects.

Legion Capital’s Regulation A+ Tier II Bond and Preferred Stock offering filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) was fully qualified on April 20th, 2020. Legion Capital’s offering is a unique Regulation A+ Tier II Offering, providing investors options for multiple Bond durations and a Preferred Stock on the same offering documents. This offering is limited to a total of $40,000,000 for the Bond and Preferred Stock combined, with the Preferred Stock having a $20,000,000 maximum on this offering.

The offering is backed by senior secured mortgages on residential and commercial development properties and is available to both accredited and non-accredited investors – including qualified money.

Website- https://legioncapital.com/

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