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“Making the best & most affordable healthcare accessible to all indian families right from preconception to parenthood & beyond”

Want to become a building block of the team that preserves the building blocks of life? World over, stem cells, the building blocks of our body are becoming the answer for the treatments of many medical conditions. LifeCell is one of India’s largest biotech companies, providing comprehensive stem cells solutions. To provide stem cell solutions means to provide meaningful possibilities for families to renew their health and lives.

Set up in the year 2004, LifeCell started as an umbilical cord stem cell banking company and has now grown to become a comprehensive stem cells solutions provider with a complete spectrum of services including multi-service stem cell banking, R&D, stem cell clinical trials, and stem cell therapy. Based in Chennai, LifeCell has spread over 200 service centers in India and the GCC countries.

The winning team at LifeCell has been the foundation to establish its leadership in the market and achieve several recognitions such as the ‘Most accredited stem cell bank’, ‘Most recommended stem cell bank’, ‘India’s Most Promising Brand’ and ‘One of India’s Top 10 Medical Miracles’. As LifeCell transforms from India’s best stem cell bank to the world’s best stem cell bank there is a perpetual need for innovation and superior talent. So, whether it is sci-fi-inspired lab research, people-friendly sales work, or brand love, LifeCell extends its umbilical cord to nurture your career.

The gamut of services that LifeCell offers covers issues of every day including screening for infections, preventive health care, genetic and cytogenetic tests for prenatal and newborn health, tissue-derived healing products, women’s health, and elderly care. With its spirit of healthcare innovation, LifeCell will continue to develop customer-focused and need-based offerings to help every child and family live their healthiest lives.

Why Choose LifeCell?

  1. ICMR & NABL Approved Labs
  2. ICMR & NABL Approved Kits
  3. In-depth Results in Just 24 hours

Why Lifecell Is a Leader In Cryopreservation?

  • Impeccable Standards: With accreditations from WHO, FDA, NABL, and many more, all LifeCell processes adhere to the highest standards possible
  • Advanced Preservation Protocols: Sturdy storage facility and vessels equipped with e-monitoring, power-back-up, and disaster-resistant measures for enhanced protection
  • State-Of-The-Art Facility: With a primary laboratory in Chennai, LifeCell strives to maintain the highest medical and processing standards

They spearheaded the unique community stem cell banking program! They also introduced the nation’s many firsts in diagnostic healthcare and clinical applications of placental and cord tissues. Thus, combining innovation & experience, they support our customers in not only protecting their families but also in nurturing the generations to come! At LifeCell, they use the power of advanced technologies around cells, genes, and tissues to deliver industry-leading services towards propelling and enabling the best future for every generation.

Website- https://www.lifecell.in/

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