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LKC Technologies

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LKC was founded in 1975 by Jerome Leight, Sigmund Krassowsky, and Frank Chen; hence, the initials LKC. Its first device was a telemetry in-hospital monitoring system for cardiac patients. In early 1976, LKC was introduced as a new device for the diagnosis of the retina and optic nerve disease. This was the infancy of the Visual Electrodiagnostic Testing System. Since 1976, LKC Technologies, Inc. (LKC) established itself as the industry leader in the manufacture of visual electrophysiology products. For over 40 years, LKC has been pushing ERG and VEP diagnostic technologies forward. These functional exams are easy to use and interpret for medical, research, and veterinary applications alike. Diagnose earlier & manage with confidence. 

LKC Technologies develops, designs, manufactures, and sells medical devices for Ophthalmic use. Today there are LKC systems installed in most major eye centers in the United States and eye centers in over 50 countries around the world.

Products they have:

  • New UTAS SunBurst.
  • Visual Electrophysiology Testing
  • New UTAS BigShot
  • RETeval Flicker®
  • Visual Electrophysiology Testing for Animals
  • Multifocal ERG / VEP
  • LKC Sensor Strips
  • Mini-Ganzfeld Stimulators

LKC Technologies is pleased to announce that the Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency (Anvisa) has approved the UTAS® device, making this a significant advancement in the preservation and enhancement of sight for patients in Brazil. LKC is collaborating with Oculus Brasil to provide physicians with broader access to LKC’s UTAS System and RETeval devices. Both are in extensive use around the world at leading clinics and physician offices. UTAS has been cited in well over 600 publications.

LKC’s visionary leadership team is dedicated to developing quality products and providing world-class customer service. The team has decades of experience in the medical device industry, strong management skills, and most importantly, an almost fanatical dedication to LKC customers.  The team is driven by the fact that LKC’s products are making a difference in the world.

LKC Technologies’ Board of Directors has multiple decades of experience in leading, growing, and managing large and small organizations. From biotech startups to medical devices and military operations, LKC’s board is driven to develop the right staff and develop growth plans for LKC to continue to be a leading presence in the visual electrophysiology industry.

Website- https://lkc.com/

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