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Emerging technologies bring in new possibilities in sectors that could turn its face towards automation and digitization. The fashion world is no exception. Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications like augmented reality and virtual assistance are bringing an evolution of using technology to fulfill customers need. Starting from apparel designing to manufacturing process and virtual merchandising, AI is invading every nook and corner possible. Virtual make-ups and trial rooms are exciting fanatics of fashion with technologies that feel like dream. The fashion sector is now ushering into a new era of technology-led disruption. LUXE Digital Now LLCis one of the innovative Digital Marketing and Technology Solutions Company that is leading beauty industry into the era of digitization.


Dan Negroni founder of launchbox had a big idea in 2014: What if we could bridge the gap in the multi-generational workplace by coaching and mentoring around age and diversity to crush performance and innovation and create real engagement?  Our mission is to teach people about themselves and help them work from the inside/out to create a real impact for their peers, employers, and clients. Since 2014, we’ve used our laboratory of training over 15,000 millennials and their managers to test and refine our system, theories, and frameworks to address the urgent, multi-generational disconnect in the workplace. We have become one of the leading global advisors on maximizing multi-generational workforces and creating the workplace of the future, assisting enterprises in attracting, retaining, managing, and motivating millennials. Our relationship-based approach to leadership and sales has helped us grow companies by over a billion dollars cumulatively.

LUXE Digital Now LLC is a luxury digital marketing and technology solutions company. It specializes in the beauty industry overview and innovates, designs and strategizes the best delivery in digital marketing and technology solutions. The company features building social media campaigns, e-commerce and content management platforms that strengthen businesses. LUXE Digital Now creates campaigns and content that move people. The company develops strategies and experiences that elevate brands and engage consumers. LUXE Digital Now develops branding that exudes the best. The company creates technologies that execute data and elevate mobile apps. LUXE Digital Now specializes in the beauty, luxury, fashion and technology industries.


Jacqueline Hudson is the CEO, Founder and owner of LUXE Digital Now. She is an award-winning visionary marketing executive with 10+ years of creative content expertise within digital marking platforms. Jacqueline was recognized by Forbes Magazine and is an AMA award nominee. She is one of the outpacing competitors and is delivering results for top-named clients in the US. Jacqueline was named among Top 40 under 40 by Top 100 Magazine for a digital marketing expertise. She was featured in Top 50 Women of 2019. Jacqueline is the winner of the Top 50 Tech Leaders Award 2020. She is one of the inspirational speakers at the BCMA (Branded Content Marketing Association), the world’s most prestigious association for content in the Public Relations industry. Jacqueline is also a digital marketing executive and AI data technology solutions, strategist and developer. As a successful leader, Jacqueline’s most prominent experience has been lecturing to 14 countries about the digital marketing industry. 


Disruptive technologies are a necessary challenge to the industry as LUXE Digital Now continues to develop the tech for today’s innovation and the impacts it has on companies. The role of a leader in disruptive technology is to keep the industry reflective and innovative to impact on the correct sector as technologies continue to evolve in the future.


LUXE Digital Now uses two patented innovations to dazzle the world, with its marketing solutions. AiDAS and Premier Jet App. 

  • AiDAS (AI Data Technology Solutions): AiDAS is an AI-based cloud program, designed for global organizations to have complete access to their digital marketing, e-commerce and digital technologies data. The priority of this program is to handhold the management of the e-commerce process of a business. However, it also focuses on all the digital marketing needs of a company. In addition to this, the program also showcases investment and profitability input scaling, with real-time conversions and predictive rich data analytics for investment purposes. The program is designed exclusively for C-Level Executives, Marketing Executives, Data Scientists, and AiDAS System Administrators.

  • PREMIER JET APP: Premier Jet is an e-commerce mobile application designed by LUXE Digital Now. It is the world’s first and foremost widely used Private Charter app and comes in multiple languages. It is available in all kinds on smart-device platforms and is used to search luxury brands with a global mapping system. The app has in-built filters, which help in sorting out the desired destination to shop along with brand names and promotions and organize delivery at ease. Users can register an account via Facebook, Twitter or Google accounts and share products via social accounts. The app is also featured with creating a favorite or a wish list and they can receive app’s push notifications preferences in the personal account such as sales, promotions, offers, new arrivals, and collections.


The unbridled dispersion of COVID-19 has abruptly shut down the operations and has staged horror in the mind of many organizations. However, even in this wake of the viral outbreak LUXE has ensured that their services continue to operate. The company has associates from all over the world namely Canada, Mexico, and the USA. As such, each country they complied with moved forward into a virtual office system using Oracle Netsuite. This helped the company’s operations continue at a smooth pace and eventually kept every staff member in a safe zone.

Further, to keep their team motivated, the founder herself ensures communication with her team. Employees are the prime asset; as such, the company makes sure they are motivated during this crisis.


The panic caused by the COVID-19 outbreak has created a challenging situation in the organizational hemisphere. And in this situation, it is important that companies curate strategies that can help them sustain in this dark time. LUXE Digital has completed 2 years of successful business with a global market and has a progressive client base. They are taking care of these clients responsibly from a variety of perspectives both nationally and globally. Along with that, they kept in a place few key strategies to globalize, even through this pandemic:

  • Develop key structures and solutions

  • Make sure our clients were digitally ready

  • Utilize technologies to enhance the projects

  • Keep clients unity in practice

In addition to this, the company is working exclusively with foreign governments to stage in their technologies and to ensure their corporate growth. The approach helped the company in driving their acquisition to higher delivery and value for their stakeholders and attracts key investors to their technologies. The company also provided a discount to their clients for continued sustainability.


LUXE Digital Now has contributed a lot of innovative technologies to the beauty and luxury agencies across the globe. Some of the data technology solutions involve AiDAS, the company’s smart mirrors and software development for the cosmetic industry. LUXE Digital Now has blazed the trail for innovation in technology. LUXE Digital Now might as well take on new technologies such as space exploration AI and deeper tech for space, e-commerce and holographic AI technologies in future.

Within 2 years of successful business LUXE Digital Now has crafted a sustainable business in the global market. Even during this pandemic distress, they have ensured an autonomous business with a strong client base. For their indomitable performance, they have been named as TOP 50 LEADING COMPANIES OF 2020 by “THE SILICON REVIEW“, 10 MOST INFLUENTIAL COMPANIES OF 2020 “THE CXO FORTUNE” and also awarded with 50 TECH LEADER AWARD 2020 by “INTERCON.”

*This story is covered by Swiftnlift Business Magazine

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