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About the company

LUXSENS is a blockchain-based data intelligence system designed specifically for the luxury industry. We mitigate counterfeiting while providing accurate and transparent price analysis and data-driven insights that empower brands, retailers, sellers, and buyers by leveraging our world’s largest database for personal luxury goods and advanced Layer-2 blockchain technology.

Our data intelligence analyses millions of data points from many sources to identify hidden patterns, unseen correlations, and deeper insights, allowing for better selling and buying decisions for new and used personal luxury products.

It tells merchants how to make the most money by recommending the best sales channel and selling price. Meanwhile, by adding AI and blockchain-based authentication solutions, customers can compare prices and get the best bargains across different nations and sales channels online and offline for authorised luxury products.

LUXSENS is creating a next-generation luxury market ecosystem, and we’re committed to providing a transparent solution for authenticating, selling, and buying luxury items using AI, big data, and blockchain technology.


Traceability on the blockchain : Information and history of authorised products are permanently recorded on the blockchain for verification, taking use of blockchain’s transparency, immutability, and traceability.

Data Intelligence : Business Intelligence alerts sellers to the best sales channels and determines when and which products should be discounted for maximum profit. It also compares the best selling and buying prices, market trends, and demand for each product.

Global Luxury Index : Our Global Luxury Index (GLI) is powered by AI and big data, and it allows merchants to observe pricing changes and product overlaps with their competitors, while consumers can compare prices and get the best deals across countries and sales channels, both online and offline.

For luxury items, LUXSENS collects data from global sales channels, both online and offline, as well as social media platforms. For brands and retailers, the data is analysed and benchmarked against global patterns to provide price and market trend analytics.

LUXSENS combines external data from different sales channels throughout the world, as well as social media channels, with internal data (including digital assets) from brands and merchants to produce a comprehensive analytics for primary and secondary luxury goods marketplaces.

We utilise AI technology to analyse pricing history, estimate market trend, and demand for each product at LUXSENS, the world’s first Global Luxury Index powered by AI and big data.

About the Founder

Aidaa Wong – CEO and Co-Founder

  • Innovative female leader in big data and AI sectors

  • 11 years’ experience in luxury brands and fashion industries

  • Former creative director & chief designer in fashion groups in Hong Kong

  • Former fashion designer of MaxMara Fashion Group

  • Former guest art director and stylist of West East, Bazaar and Cosmopolitan fashion magazines

  • Visiting lecturer in universities in Hong Kong

  • University of The Arts London: Central Saint Martins (BA)

  • Royal College of Art (MA)

Source : Luxsens

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