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Lyte Ventures Pte. Ltd

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About Us

Based in Singapore Lyte Ventures provides financing solutions to freelancers and SMEs around the world. Driven by the desire to empower individuals and businesses alike, Lyte Ventures is committed to create opportunities for everyone through our digital platforms. We hold fast to integrity, empathy, and being future-proof in our strategy, design, and innovation.

Our Mission: To build an assured future for all.

Our Values

1. Integrity

2. Empathy

3. Foresight.

Our Philosophy

Powered by 6Estates’ state-of-the-art Machine Reading Comprehension (MRC) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technologies as well as domain knowledge of UCP & ISBP banking rules, LC Automize is an AI engine which is able to read LC documents, understand them, extract key information and conduct the rules check automatically. It can greatly reduce the dependency of human LC document checkers to conduct first-level document checks and reduce turnaround processing time to enable the bank to scale up its trade finance operations exponentially.


  • Digitalization: Convert LC supporting documents into digital format through OCR technology. Check and auto-correct the converted text using NLP technology.

  • Information Extraction: Extract key information from various documents using MRC technology and convert it to structured data.

  • Compliance Check: Construct knowledge base and rules engine in trade finance and automatically conduct compliance checks in accordance to international trade standards.

  • Incremental Machine Learning: Collect user behavior for incremental machine learning so as to improve the accuracy of the AI model.


Improve Productivity and Efficiency by at least 50%

1. Reduce human Dependency on mundane tasks

2. Scale up trade finance operations exponentially

3. Cut down on operational and compliance risk

4. Accumulate trade rules and domain knowledge

1.You are the solution: We believe that financial assurance can be created with your talent and means without taking on loans. Our job is to provide you the tools to achieve that. Rest assured that if you can’t do it on your own yet, we’ll make it extremely easy to get financial help.

2.It’s us vs. the future: We believe in the power of community and our ability to tackle future uncertainty together. Which is why we’re developing community-to-peer and community-to-business solutions.

*This interview is covered by Swiftnlift Business Magazine

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