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Top 10 Events Startups In Singapore – 2021

    • 2021


Events Startups coverDeeptent: Our Mission Is To Empower Every Event Organiser And Live-Stream Seller To Achieve The Highest Level Of Event Activation Possible.




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284GoLivMo was founded with a high-spirited objective: to make joyful moments ...
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Antgage Pte Ltd

132Antgage is a digital online platform that supports entertainment profiles and ...
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SUP The App

125SUP is a mobile app that helps you find friends who ...
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310EventNook was founded in 2012 with the goal of providing a ...
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Lumos Labs

227Lumos Labs is a Singapore based innovation management firm that specialises ...
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232Peatix is a global event discovery and ticketing platform that connects ...
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253Bandwagon is the leading independent music media company in Southeast Asia, ...
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Firstcom Solutions

250AtFirstComSolutions, we design solutions to bring you online. But more ...
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281Event Management is an extreme creativity field and candidates need ...
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Support Your Ecosystem To Help Startups Grow.

216Startup ecosystems are springing up in all corners of the ...
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How To Start An Event Planning Service?

1 212These are all good reasons to pursue event management ...
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Event Management: An Ideal Start-up Opportunity

219The event planning industry has grown tremendously in the past ...
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