1.Top 10 Food _ Beverage Companies Revamping The Future 2022

Top 10 Food & Beverage Companies Revamping the Future 2022

    • 2022

2.Loh Lik Peng CEO Unlisted Collection
Unlisted Collection




3.Dave Pynt Burnt Ends

Burnt Ends

Modern Barbeque Restaurant with fun & relaxed atmosphere ...
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4.Taha BouqdibTWG Tea


The finest luxury tea brand in the world ...
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5.Wee Teng WenThe Lo _ Behold Company

The Lo & Behold Company

A Hospitality company with its unique thought-provoking concepts ...
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6.Zhang Yong Haidilao Food Chain

Haidilao Food Chain

A chain of hot pot restaurants founded in China ...
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7. Julien Royer Odette


Modern French-style restaurant in Singapore ...
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8.Violet Oon Peranakan Cuisine

Peranakan Cuisine

With flavors & colors, a mix of Chinese, Malay, Indian, ...
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9.George QuekBread Talk Chain

Bread Talk Chain

Multinational snack & beverage corporation ...
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10.Lim Hock Chee Sheng Siong Group

Sheng Siong Group

Third largest chain of supermarkets in Singapore ...
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11. Ang Kiam Meng Jumbo Group

Jumbo Group

Multiple-dining concepts to provide quality food ...
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