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To help businesses create value and cause positive impact with the power of digital

For our clients, the digital world opens up a whole new universe of possibilities. Possibilities to do things better and to do things better. To make better use of time and resources. To provide clients with products and services that are unique and valuable. To create a work environment that employees are proud to be a part of. To create something valuable that will last a long time. This isn’t about making money. It’s all about establishing a mission-driven company that adds value to the economy, society, and environment.

And at Marlabs, our focus is to help each of our clients find and capture their unique opportunities and empower them with digital technologies so that they can run a purposeful business.

What we’re solving for

Over the past 15+ years, we’ve worked with many customers in catching advanced freedoms.

What’s more, we have been essential for their excursion as the business and innovation proceeded to change and advance, giving us important learning encounters and the capacity to perceive these ceaselessly developing necessities molding our contributions.

  • Today we perceive these necessities as the “computerized problems” that requires settling for:

  • The requirement for arrangements that react to consistently advancing client needs, needs, and practices

  • The need to test quicker and show up on an exact result

  • The need to dispatch and hit the market quicker

  • End client practices are changing and developing due to being all the more carefully associated and affected by distinction, economy, versatility, wellbeing and prosperity and climate.

With this, how to figure out what they need, impact and interface with their feelings and fulfill them in a customized way?

Our answer: Design drove ‘experience-first’ cooperation

We start by profoundly understanding the client experience venture. Then, at that point, we inventively consolidate our plan drove development approach with computerized advances to give ‘experience-first’ computerized arrangements

Our Approach

  • Reimagination

  • Technology

  • Practical Execution

We move clients into a rewarding digital future through the power of our Digital Collective™. The Marlabs Digital Collective™ combines our design-led digital innovation process with human experience, cutting edge modular digital platforms and an ecosystem of best-in-class technology partners and innovators.

Our strengths

  • Rich Capabilities Mix

Our technologists are real world practitioners who combine their advanced technology expertise and their understanding of your domain nuances together with our award-winning solutions & platforms to seamlessly infuse digital into your business

  • Speed and Nimbleness

We quickly move your projects forward and deliver as promised. We’re agile, collaborative, and efficient—providing a fast-track startup-style experience filled with continual innovation and improvement.

  • Empathy-fueled Drive

We adopt our clients’ interests, concerns, and opportunities as our own, and commit to solve them by bringing our utmost creativity, passion, expertise, and global mindset to work every day.

  • Powerful Ecosystem

In the digital world, no one company can know it all or do it all. That’s why we work with an extensive network of cutting-edge partners, startups, and academics who collaborate with us to deliver complete, high-performing solutions at speed and scale.

Our Values

  • Celebrate Innovation

  • Interact with Empathy and Respect

  • Be Transparent and Open

  • Act Responsibly

  • Seek Purpose Beyond Profits


We trust each other and our clients. We act with humility and actively seek out and consider new ideas and viewpoints. We prize honesty in ourselves and others.

Siby Vadakekkara Chairman and CEO

As fellow benefactor, Chairman and CEO of Marlabs, Siby has initiated the organization’s development from three individuals in 2007 to more than 2,500 today and it’s anything but a full-administration computerized arrangements and innovation organization. A designer via preparing, Siby has more than 30 years’ involvement with changing organizations through the essential infusion of computerized capacities. He is likewise a guide and computerized counsel to Columbia University Executive Master’s Program in Technology Management.

Named as one of “50 Outstanding Asia Americans in Business,” Siby has also been recognized by EY (Entrepreneur of the Year finalist); Inc. magazine (Inc. 500 Hall of Fame inductee); and Fortune Small Business magazine (“Best Boss”). He is an alumnus of the College of Engineering, Trivandrum, Texas Tech University & Harvard Business School.

  • Industry : Information Technology & Services

  • Company size : 1,001-5,000 employees

  • Headquarters : Piscataway, NJ

  • Type : Privately Held

  • Founded : 1996

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