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Marvels of Architecture in Thailand

12. Marvels of Architecture in Thailand - Top 10 Architecture Interior Design Companies in Thailand 2022

With its bright colors, rich ornamentation and sweeping, multi-tiered roofs, the temple and palace architecture of Thailand is straight away identifiable. It blends influences from Indian, Khmer, Burmese, and Chinese architectural styles, but has evolved to become a particular expression of Thai culture. No visit to the country is complete without marveling at the Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew or wandering the traditional ruins of the previous Siam capitals of Ayutthaya and Sukhothai. Each showcases the historical development of Thai architecture and its contemporary incarnations today.

Many buildings, monuments, and statues in Thailand pride themselves on their elaborate and exceptional architecture that reflects the influence of local religious beliefs. a number of these places are architectural marvels that have got to be seen first-hand to understand.

The architecture of Thailand could be a brilliant reflection of its history and culture- political, religious, and sociological that adds to its existing great thing about majestic beaches, vibrant nightlife, a multiplicity of cuisines, and interesting culture. With the arrival of various dynasties, the dominion witnessed an amalgamation of cultural diversity influenced profoundly by its neighboring South-East Asian states and also the West which dropped at the country bright and vibrant ornamentation that formed a component of the décor of the architectural magnificence within the former kingdom. Thai architecture, thus, reflects traditional designs from its neighboring Asian countries, gradually evolving into a more contemporary style invented by the country itself. it’s divided into traditional which has religious and secular, and modern Thai architecture.

Modern Thailand Architecture

When arriving within the city of Bangkok today, it’s immediately apparent that Thailand has also embraced modern architectural styles. Soaring skyscrapers, large-scale shopping malls, and cutting-edge designs structure the capital’s cityscape, with many of the buildings constructed during the building boom of the 1980s and 1990s. Silom’s MahaNakhon towers 314 meters because the city’s tallest building, while the so-called “Elephant Building” in Chatuchak has been identified joined of the 20 most iconic skyscrapers within the world in its resemblance to Thailand’s national animal. The 90-story Baiyoke Tower II is additionally of note, with a revolving observation deck on its 84th floor where you’ll absorb 360-degree views across this incredible urban landscape.

Despite the move towards modernization, there’s also a renewed interest in the preservation of historic architecture and residences in Thailand, with some being lovingly restored into boutique hotels and museums. Cities like Bangkok are therefore a desirable mixture of the old and new, showing influences from modern trends and technology, in addition to captivating samples of Thai architectural traditions.

Here I might wish to mention a number of the famous Thailand landmarks that are symbolic and brilliantly display the architecture of Thailand.

1. Wat Rong Khun

The Wat Rong Khun, otherwise called The White Temple, is rightly named due to its white color. The temple reflects the daylight, creating a sparkle due to the utilization of glasses within the plaster. the inside of the building is ornamented with a spread of sculptures, both traditional and contemporary, that displays the sheer brilliance of the artist. The extravagance doesn’t come to an end for the temple continues to be a piece ongoing.

2. Lebua State Tower

Situated in Bangkok’s downtown, Lebua State Tower has grown its popularity since its role within the film The Hangover II, where the film cast shot a scene at the tower’s restaurant and sky bar. Standing tall at 247 meters (810 feet), the building comprises 68 floors and a golden dome, which may be seen from afar. The building features office spaces, hotels, and residences.

3. King Power MahaNakhon

With many residences, hotels, and retail, giving the looks of a glass-curtained square wrapped within a spiral of cut cuboids, MahaNakhon is a designed architectural wonder. It seems to be dissolving downwards towards its base. MahaNakhon refers to ‘Great Metropolis’ in Thai, and also the name suits the structure that seems to integrate with the town as if moving between the sky and also the ground.

4. Robot Building

The Robot Building, otherwise referred to as the Bank of Asia, was established in 1987 features a striking design to the structure, which is understood to reflect how the industry has been influenced heavily by engineering. The building is known in and of itself because it represents the outlook of a robot, with eyes and antennas. it’s also known for housing the United Overseas Bank headquarters.

5. Wat Samphran Temple

The interior of the temple comprises magnificent shrines and statues, one amongst which could be a stunning bronze statue of Buddha. However, details like the architect, the year of construction, etc. about this marvel of architecture remain anonymous, to the current day.


Despite such innovative designs towards modernized architecture, Thailand may be a blend of culture that attempts to preserve its heritage through its architectural styles. Massive restoration works are being undertaken by the govt. still, as private groups to preserve the prevailing practices. The architecture of Thailand may be a wonder that has to be visited whenever you’re within the country. a short knowledge about the background would be helpful whenever you’re within the place to understand it better.

Thailand contains a big selection of attractions to supply, from beautiful beaches to amazing monasteries. together with exploring the top-notch landmarks within the country, do ensure to go to these spectacular buildings within the country. you’ll not regret it. Both architecture and non-architecture buffs are in awe of those man-made wonders.

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