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About the company

MaxMD is a pioneer in safe data transfer and transformation, specialising in the use of standards to improve data liquidity and interoperability for all healthcare stakeholders at scale.

Mission : To improve the business of healthcare by creating interoperability solutions that deliver timely actionable data for better health outcomes, lower costs, and enhanced patient and provider experience.

Vision : To create and deploy infrastructure solutions that deliver the data interoperability needed to improve health for all constituencies and eliminate healthcare disparities.

MaxMD runs on two basic operating principles:

1.The best idea wins. MaxMD CEO Scott Finlay always says, “No one has a corner on the good idea market.” At MaxMD, each team member, from the newest recruit to the most senior leader, is encouraged to give voice to their thoughts and contribute their best ideas, even if it seems to contradict the team’s current plans.

2.Listen to your customers. “We learned early on to let our customer’s needs guide the solutions we develop,” Finlay explains. The founders of MaxMD didn’t come from within healthcare. “We’ve overcome skepticism about our healthcare knowledge by building customers exactly what they explained they needed. We realized being good listeners was a strategic advantage.”

MaxMD was the first to propose the idea of building a safe healthcare domain on the Internet. They applied for a patent and were granted one. The Direct Protocol, a standard for securely transferring health data, was then announced by the US Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology. MaxMD saw the value of this standard, changed their strategy, and joined DirectTrust, the standards development organisation tasked with keeping the Direct Protocol standard alive. MaxMD’s commitment to leveraging standards to speed innovation and adapt to customer and industry needs is exemplified by this early selection.

MaxMD is still at the forefront of setting standards today, as evidenced by its participation in the HL7 Accelerator Program. They back efforts like the Da Vinci Project, which involves payers driving the development of standards to assist the transformation to value-based care. They play a key part in the Gravity Project, which brings together a diverse group of stakeholders to examine data coding requirements for social determinants of health data.

MaxMD’s data integration engine reformats payloads in transit to facilitate communication between disparate legacy systems that may use different standards or no standards at all. The

company’s rules engine supports bidirectional data exchange by routing messages and payloads to multiple stakeholders based on established subscriptions to the information. HL7 standard Digital signature capabilities allow for the creation, exchange, and signing of legally enforceable, unalterable documents and forms. Data provenance is ensured by embedding a digital certificate and creating an irreversible hash of each signed document. Data validation and automated data quality assessment capabilities create continuous data improvement loops between data-sharing partners. A Natural Language Processing engine for real-time information extraction analyzes narrative text and adds data coding to make unstructured clinical information more actionable. It’s all aimed at more cost-effective information sharing that improves care delivery and health outcomes.

MaxMD leverages these abilities to provide simple solutions such as event notification systems with actionable alerts and rich data payloads. MaxMD also offers more extensive solutions, such as their Registry/Repository platform, which collects data from a variety of sources and indexes it to make it more accessible and reusable.

The MaxMD mobile app is white-labeled and packaged with its platform to connect customers, such as accountable care organizations or integrated delivery networks, with the providers and individual members they serve. The app provides an easy, familiar channel to deliver alerts and reminders or to gather information via structured forms and surveys. It augments existing portal strategies, providing information access without the portal login burden and delivering information at the right time, helping patients be more engaged in their own care coordination.

The MaxMD Clinical Gateway is a comprehensive solution tailored to the needs of payers. This system automates the flow of clinical data and documentation between payers, providers, and individuals by utilising MaxMD’s strong Registry Repository platform and bidirectional communication features. It combines MaxMD’s entire suite of innovations with standard H7 Fast Health Interoperability Resources (FHIR) APIs and the DirectTrust trust framework to create a highly scalable solution that lowers the cost of “chasing charts” and boosts the efficiency of clinical data use for quality programmes and risk-adjustment analysis.

MaxMD blends several of its capabilities to create standards-based, event-driven Community Information Exchange (CIE). The CIE platform uses the MaxMD HISP, rules engine, and data integration engine to automate event notifications directly to participating organizations, eliminating the need for human intervention to facilitate this important flow of information. Whenever a person receives care at an inpatient setting, the admission, transfer, and discharge events and patient information updates are shared automatically in the format preferred by various recipient health IT applications and devices. This allows healthcare organizations to provide faster, more effective follow-up services to recently discharged patients.

Source : MaxMD

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