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Melt Organic

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Food is what makes life worth living. It’s luring loved ones to the kitchen with the smell of freshly baked cookies. It’s spending 3 hours on a meal you’ll eat in 15 minutes. It’s the simple pleasure of butter on warm bread. And it’s why they created Melt. Melt’s clean label products have been carefully selected and combined into the perfect blend, so the benefits of each organic oil are enhanced. Our butter spreads and butter sticks are free from gluten, soy, dairy, nuts, artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives.

At Melt, they use Non-GMO, OU Kosher, and Certified Organic ingredients to produce the highest quality butter and spreads with the best taste and just the right amount of healthy fats and protein our bodies need. With their perfect blend of plant-based ingredients, you can enjoy their delectable butter and spreads guilt-free. They inspire you to strive for better, starting with what’s on your plate. They do this through plant-based products that aren’t just delicious—but are also better for you, your food, and the planet. Because ditching dairy shouldn’t ruin your treasured recipes, throw family dinners into chaos, or tarnish your morning toast with artificial oils and allergens. Plant-based eating should help you ditch dairy’s complicated problems. But keep all of its simple pleasure.

Their products:

  • Probiotic Butter Spread
  • Original Butter Spread
  • Salted Butter Sticks
  • Unsalted Butter Sticks
  • Queso Picante 
  • Cool Garlic Herb
  • Everything
  • Original

Why melt?

  • Deliciously satisfying: Plant-based vegan butter that tastes great.
  • Baker’s quality product, the ideal ingredient: Plant-based certified organic, and non-GMO butter alternative that performs just how chefs need.
  • Fits within food cost realities: A versatile and reasonably priced plant-based, vegan, sustainable, organic solution.
  • Versatile, convenient ingredient: Simple 1:1 recipe substitute for dairy butter.
  • Broad consumer appeal: Connects with plant-based loving Gen Z, Millennials, and higher-income organic consumers and satisfies vegans, vegetarians, and flexitarians.
  • Trending with consumers: Delivers on the taste and enhanced nutrition trends that are in with customers as a plant-based, organic, non-GMO, and dairy-free alternative.
  • Nutrition benefits consumers seek: Dairy-, allergen- and cholesterol-free, clean label vegan butter with half the saturated fats of dairy butter.

Melt Organic uses only sustainably farmed, plant-based organic ingredients to reduce the impact their product makes on the environment and to deliver a truly better butter for you and your customers.

Their plant-based vegan butter is a simple 1:1 substitute for its dairy alternative with the same smoke point, moisture content, and performance under high heat. Do better for your food, family, and the planet while enjoying a deliciously buttery taste without the allergens and cholesterol.


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