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Microsoft solution for digital Sovereignty

Microsoft solution for digital Sovereignty

Cloud computing is a type of computing service, including storage, databases, networking, intelligence, etc. The public cloud allows for processing and storing data without regard to the physical location but in this era of technology, both government and citizens want more security and control. Microsoft came with the ‘Sovereignty cloud’, a public cloud for government customers. It aims at creating a customized experience for customers, where one can leverage the cloud while ensuring their data is encrypted at all times. The company said this new cloud would work around security controls, the privacy of citizens, and other legal requirements.

Sovereign Controls-

The company would provide customers with additional layers to protect and encrypt sensitive data and is aimed at meeting the obligations of the government around GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Microsoft cloud for Sovereignty will also include a ‘Sovereign Landing Zone’, which is a solution to simplify architecture, deployment, workflow, etc, and provide intelligence tools to orchestrate operations of various security services and policy controls in an efficient manner.   

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