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Middle East Telecommunications Company-METCO

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METCO provides customized solutions & services to meet your company’s specific needs.

Founded in 1978 as a subsidiary of Towel International Holding, the Middle East Telecommunications Company (METCO) is one of the fastest-growing companies in the region. With its headquarters in Kuwait and locations in Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, and the UAE, METCO helps connect the world. METCO is a provider of information and communication technology solutions for telecommunication carriers, private enterprises, and government agencies.

Since METCO was founded in 1978, they have built a client base of over 1,000 organizations in the Middle East and Africa. Their solutions and services are actively increasing productivity, increasing efficiency, and increasing revenue.

Their passion is to help customers across the Middle East and Africa increase their potential. They provide integrated telecommunications solutions and automated business processes for voice, video, data, contact, and network centers. In short, we keep you connected. They simplify technology, increase efficiency, and profitability, and improve performance.

METCO offers customized solutions and services to meet the specific needs of your company.

Specialists in delivery.

  • Critical Communication Solution (UC and CC)
  • Wi-Fi and Local Area Network (LAN)
  • Optical network services
  • Microwave wireless network services
  • Datacentre solutions and security services
  • Physical security solution services
  • Physical and Intelligent Infrastructure Solutions

What sets them apart:

  • Their skillset and recognition: Their in-depth knowledge of history and industry has given them a competitive advantage. At METCO, they make sure they adhere to world-renowned standards to help their customers, partners, and employees succeed.
  • Their dexterity and ability: In today’s world, technology is changing rapidly. To keep up with current trends in technology, they have created a smart business model and a uniquely innovative culture. METCO can quickly accept any shift in the market.
  • A comprehensive portfolio: METCO is the leading system provider in the region. Their partnerships with various companies around the world have given them expertise in all areas of communication. Whether it’s security, connectivity, or mobility, METCO is your expert.


METCO has a well-established client base throughout the MEA region and we deliver services and solutions locally to each client. They will continue to expand their international presence and strengthen their partnerships with global providers as they strive to be the leading MEA communications solutions provider.

Their clients range from SMEs to some of the leading organizations in the public and private sectors in the Middle East and Africa. They provide solutions ranging from sales and project startups to delivery, support, and managed services. And they have a reputation throughout the MEA region for delivering real and proven business benefits to their customers. In addition, outstanding after-sales services.

Website- https://www.metconetworks.com/

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