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Mind Rock Education Centre

8. Macy Liu, Director- Mind Rock Education Centre- Top 10 Best Educational Platforms to follow in 2022

Peace Education” has been issued a school licensed by the Hong Kong Education Bureau and is a registered school of the Education Bureau. Established in 2010, their school is a registered school focusing on Chinese education. Reading comprehension is favored by parents of elite schools.

They provide professional and efficient Chinese education courses for students aged 4-15. The school uses self-edited textbooks and has different courses in reading comprehension, composition, classical Chinese, entrance exams, etc., to provide students with systematic Chinese tutoring that is ahead of school education.

 The students of their school are mainly from St. Paul’s Co-educational Secondary School and Primary School, Diocesan Girls’ College and Primary School, Diocesan Boys’ College and Primary School, Yinghua Primary School, St. Paul’s School, and Primary School, etc. Among them, the students of Diocesan Girls’ Primary School have accounted for 65% of the students in the Jordan campus, and have become the confident choice of Diocesan parents for many years.

Teaching Features:

  • One-step course: Students can enter school at the age of 4. It provides one-stop teaching from kindergarten to middle school. The curriculum is closely connected so that parents have no worries.
  • Three Teaching Focuses:  Reading comprehension, writing, classical Chinese. Homework is the practice of exam questions in major schools and is necessary to improve results.
  • Teaching material: Exclusive self-edited teaching materials, close to the local teaching mode and progress. Each class has two parts, “Classroom + Homework”. Parents do not need to purchase additional exercises for their children.
  • Language: All courses can be taught in Mandarin or Cantonese, and the teachers are native speakers with standard pronunciation.

Courses they have:

All their teachers are Chinese professional teachers with many years of rich teaching experience and are very familiar with the educational environment in Hong Kong. The Mandarin Kindergarten Course Instructor graduated from a well-known normal university in the mainland, specializing in Early Childhood Psychology.


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