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MIS3 Inc

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Tell us about your company. Its vision and mission

MIS3 Inc. (Managing Information Systems 3 Inc.) is a privately held Canadian corporation with headquarters in Toronto, Ontario, with offices throughout North America.

MIS3 Inc a Business Value Technology Partner specialising in Business Transformation through IT Modernization is an organically growing company. MIS3 Inc. guides its clients in understanding the business value New and Emerging Next Generation technology platforms bring, in order to achieve secure digital transformation, by providing a 360-degree view of IT with an application-centric perspective.

By providing thought leadership in company transformation through the adoption of IT modernization, MIS3 Inc. aspires to be a strategic business and technology partner for our clients.

MIS3 Inc.’s focus is concentrated on providing novel disruptive technologies that have business relevance for every organisation, with the goal of helping clients decrease their technological footprint and move toward IT operational simplicity.

Clients in North America, according to MIS3 Inc., are searching for a company that can give thought leadership and raise awareness about aligning business goals with simple secure technologies and strategies. It is difficult, if not impossible, to achieve business transformation through IT modernization today without working with New and Emerging Next Generation technologies in Infrastructure, Cyber Security, and IT Operations.

Vision : To be the North American leader in guiding clients to reimagine their business, by developing a secure digital transformation strategy.

Mission : Helping clients achieve business transformation through IT modernization.

What were the impediments you faced at the time of inception?

Nobody obtains anything unless he overcomes some difficulties. It was difficult at first, but we had to believe in ourselves and what we were teaching to the Canadian market. IT is evolving, and businesses, including government at all levels, were looking for a thought leader to assist them in investing in the right technology to achieve the desired business goals.

Please tell us about your services.

MIS3 Inc. is a business consulting and technology partner specialising in computer systems, which include both hardware and software and serve as the backbone of an organization’s operations.

MIS3 Inc. works with clients to better understand their businesses, processes, people, customers, systems, apps, workflows, and business risks by collecting data from numerous online platforms, analysing it, and reporting it to help management make better decisions.

We offer Tactical IT Services, Operational IT Services and Transformational IT Services across 6 core practice areas.

The future of IT professional services must be centred on delivering the best possible customer experience. This strategy relies on the creation of classic and non-traditional private, public, and hybrid cloud infrastructure with reduced IT operational complexity.

Combining a streamlined architectural approach with a partner services ecosystem and proven professional resource pool of experienced IT specialists will help you achieve the technology and business goals you desire.

Professional services and consulting from MIS3 are all about utilising on-demand capabilities, access to intellectual capital, and resources while avoiding costly and over-provisioned IT service costs.

What qualities make you stand different from others who are already into this business?

Our IT Transformational Approach and Technology partners allow us to help any client reimagine their business by combining our IT Modernization Framework with our Secure Digital Transformation Strategy.

MIS3 Inc.’s 9 Core Elements of Digital Transformation

To change customer connections, internal processes, and value propositions, all industries are utilising digital breakthroughs such as analytics, mobility, social media, and smart embedded devices, as well as improving their usage of classic technology such as ERP.

Transforming the Customer Experience

  • Customer Understanding

  • Top Line Growth

  • Customer Touch Points

Transforming Operational Processes

  • Process Digitization

  • Worker Enablement

  • Performance Management

Transforming Business Models

  • Digitally Modified Business

  • New Digital Businesses

  • Digital Globalization

How do you stay updated to the recent trends into the industry?

We’ve learned a lot by adopting technologies from our AWS lab inside, such as Cyber Security platforms to secure the business and application integration to automate our business operations. We also do a lot of technology training and read a lot of different websites and publications.

What’s your management style?

I have learned to inspire and model things for my team rather than telling them to what to do. We were able to use what we’d learned from traditional onsite professional services and consulting to assist our clients with the Tactical, Operational, and Transformational IT needs they needed to keep their business running and serve their customers and workers.

How do you decide the effectiveness of ideas you execute?

It’s sometimes a gut feeling and instinct I’ve had mixed with input from our clients and what the market is seeking for, and sometimes it’s a gut feeling and instinct I’ve had mixed with feedback from our clients and what the market is seeking for.

Following the COVID-19 epidemic, MIS3 Inc. launched Next Generation Virtual Consulting to help new and existing companies Securely Digitally Transform by providing thought leadership digitally.

How do you define success?

Following your passion towards your purpose and moving the yard stick further everyday towards your vision (why you started this journey in the first place), not for the money.

How do you balance investing in modern technologies while maximizing your existing application portfolio investment?

We leverage everything SaaS. We understand the delicate balance and link between people, process, and technology in any organisation. We strike the right balance in IT when it comes to co-existing, while also establishing a digital transformation framework and implementing an IT modernization plan to achieve business goals.

How do you keep your subordinates motivated? Tell me about your approach to leading a diverse team.

Monetary motivation indeed, it is beneficial. Making people responsible for their practise areas and roles/responsibilities offers them a sense of empowerment in achieving their practise areas’ vision.

What are your greatest accomplishments?

We are quite proud of what we accomplish. We’ve completed three years in the sector and are looking forward to doing much more in the days ahead. One of our major accomplishments has been the establishment of MIS3 and MIS3 US.

Tell us about your upcoming projects?

Over the following 1-3 years, we plan to expand into Texas, the United Kingdom, and India.

Details of the company:

  • Year of Founding : 2017

  • Funding Information : Privately held

  • Founding Members :Neil Mistry

  • Office Locations : 6

  • Company Strength : 3 years in business over $10M in revenue to date.

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