Top 05 Architecture & Interior Design Companies in the Philippines 2022-profiles

Moss Design House

5. Amado Victor Beltran President Moss Design House

Moss Design House produces stylish interior design-based installations, events in abroad and the Philippines, and interior design fit-outs of various institutional, residential, hospitality, and commercial developments. Moss is a multi-disciplinary design firm focused on branding its services through five platforms:

  1. Interior design
  2. Event and pop-up design
  3. Installations
  4. Rent furniture
  5. Premium Fabrications

Equipped with 11 years of experience successfully translating business campaigns and objectives into a three-dimensional environment. Moss is trusted by brands around the world with customers ranging from luxury to consumer brands, from PR agencies to ad agencies, and from hospitality brands to domestic brands. Its expertise has created a visual brand impact on permanent, temporary, and now digital interior spaces.

They translate product branding and celebration into events. Communicating the client’s brand and purpose with beautiful aesthetics is the goal of creating a moss event.

Last 2020, they had a year where blue and monochromatic colors reigned, and richly textured fabrics reigned. Now as the world slowly clears its way out of the long lockdown, the interiors are bigger, bolder, and more unpleasant than ever.

They decided after a very frustrating and crazy year, In 2022 we will see a lot of life and joy in the interior. Neutrals and whites will probably take a step back this year, with the colors dominating the interior landscape in bright green, pink, peach, and turquoise., And yellow. Bold and dynamic fonts and patterns will also be at the center which just attracts attention. Integration of style, elegance, and creative perfection into interior design. Their goal is to make spaces functional and comfortable without compromising aesthetics.

Biophilia and Sustainability

With so many of us being deprived of outdoor spaces due to the long lockdown, the idea of ​​bringing in outdoor items is now more important than ever. Because of recent corporate scandals, demand for this specialty has grown significantly. Spaces With this, people are becoming more environmentally conscious and sensitive about how their objects are made and how they are made. Wicker and Rattan will still be the mainstays of designers constantly innovating their products to suit current trends. Natural fabrics will be a more consistent choice for a comfortable and breathable feeling like linen, bamboo, and the like.


They wanted to bring a unique brand experience to permanent and temporary spaces through design, and physical and digital integration. They want to become the first Filipino firm to join the global arena of game-changers in the field of interior and event design.


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