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Multi-Tech Systems, Incorporation

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MultiTech makes products that connect you to your assets. They leverage proven, standards-based sensor and communications technologies and open architectures to bring systems and processes into the future to drive new revenue streams and efficiencies with actionable data. MultiTech has been acquired by SmartWave Technologies, a Northlane Capital Partners platform company. The companies are combining operations to form the new MultiTech to accelerate the adoption of IoT technologies across industrial and commercial applications worldwide. The Internet of Things is creating new customer experiences and unparalleled economic value while improving the quality of life for countless people around the globe. By providing products and services to connect “things” to the Internet, MultiTech delivers a deeper understanding to businesses, governments, organizations, and individuals, which will, in turn, transform the way they live and work.

What Makes them Different?

  • Passion for Service: They consider themselves an extension of your team and they are committed to your success. They recognize that creating an integrated solution can be challenging, so they don’t just provide expert technical support, they work in partnership with their customers throughout the integration process. If off-the-shelf products don’t meet your needs, they offer customization services to create a solution optimized for your unique requirements.
  • Relentless Innovation: They never stop looking for novel ways to solve problems with technology. They are committed to wading through complexity on behalf of their customers to deliver solutions that are easy to deploy, use and manage. They are continuously learning and experimenting to stay ahead of the latest technologies and technology transitions. Their culture of innovation continues to result in industry firsts for them and their customers.
  • Operational Agility: MultiTech manufacturing services meet your needs at any volume or service level. Their in-house, US-based manufacturing center provides market-leading service levels and flexibility, while their off-shore manufacturing centers provide cost-optimized, diversified manufacturing and supply chain options.  Whether your project volumes are in the hundreds, or the millions, rely on MultiTech for the agility and flexibility to develop and manufacture high-quality connected devices optimized for performance and value.

Their wide range of sensor, authentication, and communications technologies, paired with design and integration expertise from edge to application, results in sophisticated solutions for unparalleled simplicity and user experience. Their U.S. and global manufacturing operations give them the agility and flexibility to develop and manufacture high-quality connected devices optimized for performance and value. MultiTech enables next-generation interconnected products and services so that your organization can quickly realize the benefits of IoT and achieve true digital transformation.

Website- https://www.multitech.com/

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