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About the company

Mutika has been the first and only Italian EMC (Experience Management Company) since 2010, creating unforgettable events to inspire you throughout our country: Italy and the rest of the world. By inventing innovative solutions, we identified the need to give more creative and distinctive experiences for your events in Italy. We’ve been in the international destination management business for over ten years, and our expertise is defined by our ability to develop, in a safe environment, and provide an amazing experience for our clients.

We plan every detail of your activities by coming up with new and innovative ideas to ensure you get the most out of your trip to Italy and other international places. Upon introduction, we give you our eyes and ears, and before we create, we want to hear what you have to say so that we can work together to reach your goals and expectations, which will also be ours.

Overcoming the impediment

“I was taught that the worst times are the ones that make us genuinely grasp who we are and what we want,” says the CEO. With difficult times, I have a wonderful feeling since I know they will always teach me something.”

Stefano always focuses on the tactics that will help him cross over and turn things around, whether he is facing obstacles in his work or personal life.

Bringing transformation into the industry

Mutika is the world’s first and only Italian experience management company, with offices in Milan, Venice, Rome, Sicily, and the United States.

They operate across the country, from north to south, with an Experience Design team physically stationed in key cities. They stay focused on discovering fresh experiences for their clients to customise.

“We have our clients and their travel experiences in mind,” Stefano continues. That is why, whether it is a business trip or a holiday, all of our company’s projects are designed to maximise their time, keeping in mind that we aim to make each experience unique and memorable.”

“Despite our worldwide education and business, we also have our country at heart, which always reminds us that the beauty is here and the best hospitality speaks our language,” he continues. As a result, our job right now is to continue to invest in research, education, and social sustainability while adhering to an ethical integrity code of conduct to promote and promote these principles even outside of the United States.”

Being the CEO of the company

With the vision to become a creative and unique experience Company within the travel industry, either for leisure, business, or corporate, Stefano is steering his company in the right direction. He expresses that whoever reaches out to Mutika must get the best from travel experiences with a personal touch that nobody else can receive.

He firmly believes that quality of service plays a crucial role in tipping the scales on anyones’ side. He aims at delivering the best services through his company by focusing on every nook and corner of all the aspects.

I am leading the company with the support of our leadership team, taking care of its growth, innovation, creativity, and the team, the most important resource to success. During my regular days, most of my time is invested in brainstorming with my team for either our client program reviews or for company strategies and projects. I also spend a lot of time on our relationship with partners, as I consider them crucial for our success for the benefits of our clients and our daily teamwork. He gets a lot of satisfaction when clients emotionally express their level of satisfaction in working with Mutika. Over time Stefano has acquired a lot of rewards that represent essential steps of his life.

Achieving greater heights

Stefano believes that there should be a balance between professional and personal life to succeed on both fronts.

On the professional front, he motivates everyone to take onus for their responsibilities and work with full dedication. He expresses that with work, fun is also essential.

Rewarding is the key. We like to work hard but also to play hard. With a great team, we get together to relax, have fun, and enjoy the results achieved. When a client is happy, and they show it, I make sure the team feels it and that we celebrate, so it’s a team reward that we all need to enjoy. Champagne in these cases plays a key role.

On the personal front, he manages to take some time off to blow the steam. He feels that taking off some time is vital to re-fill the energy in the mind and body to take the next challenges. He adds, “If I am off, I am off, and I will try to enjoy every single minute of it, but if I am at work, then I will be fully concentrated on our company or team priorities and define them straight away.”

Future ventures

Everything around us is constantly changing; being aware of that means focusing on always maintaining a strong energy and will to construct and create, whether big or small, a better future. They are planning to grow in other markets within Europe and also to invest in different areas within their industry, such as, for example, opening a small luxury boutique hotel with a lifestyle Restaurant and Bar, Spa, and more.

On a personal level, he states, “My goal is to create a foundation to support an important Italian hospital for kids where I, myself, had an experience at the age of 11 years old, and I am forever thankful for their efforts.” He aims to have the best-in-class team, full of energy, well paid for their performances, and a company able to generate essential profits that will allow him to support a social project/foundation.

Source & reference : Mutika

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