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Nautilus Data Technologies

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What is Nautilus?

Nautilus Data Technologies is a global leader in data center technology, pioneering a paradigm shift in the sector. The unique design water cooling technique used by Nautilus is at the heart of its design, resulting in a waterborne data center that is more efficient and cost-effective than traditional land-based data centers while also meeting higher environmental standards. With the commencement of Project Nautilus, the world’s first operational aquatic data center operation, the Nautilus technology was proven. Project Nautilus proved how their water-cooling technique reduces power consumption, reduces air pollution, lowers greenhouse gas emissions, eliminates water consumption, and saves money by partnering with the US Navy, Applied Materials, and Veolia.

Arnold Magcale, a U.S. Navy veteran and acknowledged technology industry leader, is the founder of Nautilus. Mr. Magcale created the Nautilus design by combining his nautical and military security experts with decades of industrial data center experience.

“Eli M” is the name of the first commercial Nautilus data center. The waterborne facility is nearing completion at the Mare Island Shipyard in California and is operational since Fall 2020.

Nautilus Data Technologies is a California-based company with operations in Pleasanton and Stockton.

Their Patented Technology: Zero Impact Cooling System

They can use nature’s cold water to keep racks cool thanks to their unique Total Resource Usage Effectiveness (TRUE) cooling closed water loop technology. The system combines established maritime and industrial water-cooling technologies with next-generation data center infrastructure to usher the data center industry into a new era of performance.

Benefits :

Water is not a threat.

Water cannot escape and pose a threat to the IT load because the system is under a vacuum. Air is sucked in, but no water leaks out.

Water consumption is nil.

They do not utilize or produce any drinking water or wastewater. They don’t use any refrigerants or chemicals, with the least impact on the environment or wildlife.

Competitive rates

Customers save money on their metered energy costs with first-in-class PUE, resulting in lower carbon emissions and air pollution.

Friendly to the Environment

The data center uses the least amount of energy possible, with no water usage, refrigerants, water treatment chemicals, wastewater, or animal harm.

The Water-Cooling System in Action

Water can absorb more heat at a faster rate than air or mineral oil, 3,500 times faster. Their closed-loop and open-loop water cooling systems are the most efficient and environmentally friendly approaches to cool IT.

The system with a Closed Loop

The heat created by the IT equipment is absorbed by the closed-loop of pure cool water via immersion, direct-to-chip, overhead coil, or rear door exchange. The warm water is returned to the heat exchanger, where it is cooled before being circulated back through the data center.

The system with an Open Loop

Our revolutionary water cooling technique can draw cool water from any body of water, including lakes, rivers, and the ocean. The water flows from the big drum intake via a multi-step, multi-element filtration process with no chemical additives that cause no harm to wildlife. The heat plate exchanger uses the coolness of the water to chill the water from the closed-loop system. When the job is done, the water is returned to the source with only a slight temperature increase.

  • Industry : Information Technology & Services

  • Company size : 11-50 employees

  • Headquarters : Pleasanton, California

  • Type : Privately Held

  • Founded : 2013

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