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Newton’s Meter

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Newton’s Meter was born out of a tragic accident that took a young man’s life. It was a hit-and-run incident.

A motorcyclist working for a food delivery service was knocked down and fell behind a bush where passers-by could not see him. What was truly tragic was the fact that the rider didn’t die on impact but he was knocked unconscious and bled to death slowly. If he had been discovered earlier, he would have lived today. Siddharth felt a deep sense of loss even though the rider was a stranger to him. He felt that the rider lost his life for no reason so he decided to do something about it.

With the help of a crack team of engineers (EEE, ME and ID), Siddharth created Newton’s Meter. It is a small electronic device that could be carried in person to measure the force of an impact in the event of any emergencies, be it accident or fall. If the force of impact exceeds a certain threshold, Newton’s Meter automatically sends an SOS message to 10 pre-selected phone numbers which could include the emergency services, family, friends and co-workers.

Newton’s Meter is our sincere and concerted effort to prevent unnecessary loss of life in the future through the use of advanced technology. We are committed to turning that tragic event into a solution that impacts people’s lives positively

Real time accident and emergency alerts, locate employees, visitors, and contractors from long range

The Newton’s Meter System captures real-time employee location & status to reveal pitfalls & trends that can otherwise go unnoticed. Monitor for work place accident & emergencies real time, and be able to mobilize immediate assistance to their exact location, saving lives, enhancing productivity and reduction in down time. Further determine if your employees are working efficiently or spending time roaming the workplace for non-value add tasks or otherwise.

Newton’s Meter System for Industrial Workplace Safety

In the event of an accident & emergency situations in the industrial work place, the Newton’s Meter system detects sudden impact movement (slip, fall, accident and other non fall related personal emergency situations), then it sends an SOS SMS along with the GPS location with Floor Coordinates to COMMAND CONTROL CONSOLE. The response happens within a fraction of a second!

The system is 100 % custom configured, tailored to suit specific industry needs. It consists of three parts Assisted by Artificial Intelligence

Industrial Workplace Safety

Every second! counts in an emergency. The call for help must reach real time. The Newton’s Meter System effectively facilitates and notifies of any mishap with floor coordinates within second.


The Newton’s Meter System facilitate and optimize assets, manage risks, all while keeping your team safe. Keeping the down time at the minimum possible level.

Preventive Risk Management

The Newton’s Meter System facilitates real time operations risk management, ensuring preventive measures in place, effectively mitigating the challenges, while saving lives.

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