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Tell us about your company. It’s its vision and mission.

Through our “Connect, Transform, and Innovate” brands, Officium Labs provides extraordinary consumer experiences. “Connect” is a network of best-in-class customer service resources available on demand. Even during peak volume spikes, we connect great people together with great businesses to deliver excellent service. Through consultation, coaching, training, and our award-winning Foundational Services Workshop, “Transform” brings our distinctive CX methodology to life. “Innovate” is a digital platform that uses analytics and operational tools to assist businesses achieve better results.

What were the impediments you faced at the time of inception?

Brand credibility, money, market fit, and talent were the top four areas we focused on in the early days of going to market.

Please tell us about your services.

Through our Service Stack strategy, we assist service leaders in both generating and protecting revenue. We can demonstrate the strategic relevance of CX by tying the effects of exceptional service to the influence on the organization’s financial success. The bottom line is that satisfied consumers spend more, remain loyal for longer, and refer new clients to you.

We’ve shown 15 times over the last two years that CXAAS (customer experience as a service) saves money and preserves top-line growth.

A few Service Stack clients win:

  • WFM saves 24% in BPO spend Client

  • White Glove MVP protects $5M Client

  • Agent AI assist decreases BPO spend by 25% Client

  • Connect Burst scaled 100 resources in a few weeks to meet volume demand Client

  • CXAAS transformation drives 55% increase in customer satisfaction Here and here are a few client testimonials.

What qualities make you stand different from others who are already in this business?

Most competitors focus on a single lane and provide an end-to-end CXAAS Service Stack that enables flexible resourcing for the complete customer experience; we deliver a full end-to-end CXAAS Service Stack that provides flexible resourcing for the entire customer experience. Here’s more on the Service Stack. Through BI and next-gen execution, we also give a ROI on customer service and experience. In response to the last question, there is evidence of our success.

How do you stay updated on the recent trends in the industry?

We have thought leaders on our team that are deeply involved in research, attend industry conferences, and serve on customer and commercial advisory boards. All of these actions assist us in remaining not only current but also ahead of the curve. Members of our advisory board can be found here.

How do you manage to work in different areas?

We have a mentality of “nail it and scale it.” It is critical for us to provide value to our clients on a monthly basis. So, whether we start with a tiny or enormous opportunity, we feel that if we earn the right to the business every day, we will succeed. This mindset allows us to extend our client base and open new opportunities. Here are a few of our varied clients… This is only a small sample of the 22+ clients we work with. 7. How do you assess the efficiency of your ideas? We’re a fast-forward, fail-fast iterative lab.

We prefer to accept Nelson Mandela’s concept, which states that we never lose. Either we win or we learn. It keeps us from getting trapped and allows us to move forward swiftly. This method enables us to swiftly test innovations, be satisfied if they don’t work, and then focus on the ones that do.

How do you define success?

Then there’s client and employee satisfaction, which leads to long-term profitability. All of this is based on our basic values, which can be found here.

How important are background checks? What is your approach to background checking?

Interesting question, we follow industry standards for this practice.

How do you keep your subordinates motivated? Tell me about your approach to leading a diverse team.

We don’t have the word subordinates in our lexicon. We are a servant leadership team, not just in theory, but in practise. To stay relevant and assist the team, many of our executives pitch in and do genuine billable work. In addition, we have a weekly OfficeVibe poll that tells us how people feel about the organisation.

Finally, while we are not a democracy, we do have multiple tiers of leadership involved in decision-making and strategic decision-making. Aside from that, our organisation is set up to serve people and help them achieve great things in their careers.

Three-day weekends once a month was one example we started early on. This allows our employees to devote an extra day each month to themselves and their families. This is in addition to vacation and sick days. Long-term worker retention,

customer care, and productivity all benefit from this habit of thinking people first. Here’s a look at our fantastic and diverse crew.

What are your greatest accomplishments?

eNPS = 100, $10 million in sales in less than two years with no outside finance other than a $150k loan, and 22+ clients that trust us to represent them on a daily basis 12. What are your upcoming initiatives, please? As we grow, we’ll be able to offer clients new and innovative ways to better understand their company’s performance and maturity. For CX Leaders, we’ve created a new maturity model. Spreadsheet Scheduler was recently bought and integrated to the Work Forward family of technologies, which enables businesses to dynamically staff and guarantee that client demand matches labour supply.

Which drives cost savings and increases in customer satisfaction?

Finally, we’ve demonstrated that our White Glove customer service account management teams can protect millions of dollars in revenue while also assisting certain businesses in generating new revenue; see our Client Case Study for more information. In the coming year, we’re looking forward to expanding this to additional consumers.

Details of the company :

  • Year of Founding : July 2019

  • Funding Information : $150k loan

  • Founding Members : Scott McCabe, Jonathan Shroyer, Shawn Murphy, Cristin Pierce.

  • Office Locations : Remote

Story By : Swiftnlift Business Magazine

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